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Zoom App: The Most Downloaded Android App In India


David Mudd

Many entertainment and utility-based apps deposed by the Zoom Video Conferencing app in India within the past few days. There is a huge increase in the download reported after the country started lockdown for 21 days. This is because of the things that can do with the app which helps many companies to work online. It is the only video conferencing app which allows 100 members in one video conference even with the basic version.

After the lockdown started, many of the companies and employees started working from homes. Its what gave an acceleration for Zoom. It already crossed 100 million downloads in the Google Play Store. Beyond this, WhatsApp always stayed in the top 3 levels but it slipped to the fifth position now. It always remained top in the country with more than 400 million users.



Zoom: Details And Features

Zoom users can start, schedule or join a meeting. Besides, your device screen can share with another Zoom user. You can use Personal Meeting IDs to join or inviting to or for a video conference. After all, it brings video conferencing, online meetings and group messaging into one easy to use application.

The application is available now on many platforms including smartphones and Personal Computers. Recently, Zoom got attention from users in a Problem with user information security. Its been reported for sharing user data with Facebook even if the user has a Facebook account or not. However, Zoom updated its iOS app and ensured no more data shared with any other platforms.


The company officials clarified that Zoom takes its user’s privacy with extreme seriousness. Besides, they added that the protocols that implementing the sharing of details to Facebook reviewed and solved.