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Zoom App: Feature Exposing LinkedIn Profiles Now Removed From The Application

Since everything got locked down, all the schools closed. Some colleges started their classes online and more than half of the company employees are now working from home. After all, the time was best for the video calling app Zoom. More than half of its users came into the app after the lockdown started.

Even though it became a highly appreciated app on all platforms. It was also criticized for bugs and security features every day. When the app was not much popular among people. They didn’t have many people to look after keenly on all features and settings. But, after it got on fire with more downloads and users, no days is there without any of the new feature faults or recommendations.


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Problems With Features Zoom

Earlier it got attention in a problem with their iPhone application that shared data with Facebook even if the user doesn’t have an account. Then they disabled that feature. Likewise, now the new problem is also related to data-mining. The New York Times reported that there is a data-mining feature in Zoom that automatically matched users’ LinkedIn profiles with names and Email addresses.

This feature allowed others to recognize them using LinkedIn profile even if the user were anonymous. This happened when another user subscribed to a service called LinkedIn sales navigator. This has happened without the knowledge of the user.


After reviewing the problem, Zoom stated that they take the security of their users very seriously. Moreover, they disable the feature in the app. Zoom is the only video calling enabled app that allows up to 100 users to video chat at the same time. That made it more popular among people these days.

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