Zomboat Season 2 Release date: Zomboat Renewed ?


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Zomboat is a British Zombie comedy show. William Hartley and Adam Miller Created a comedy show which is Zomboat. The stars in this series are Leah Brotherhead and Ryan McKen. Hamza Jeetooa and Cara Theobold.

Zomboat is a funny Zombie show which is new to people so the show can attract an audience more. The show manages to find humour in dire situations as well. Zomboat is an extremely humorous show with its dark comedy. The story of this show can be enjoyed by anyone.

In this show, a group of friends escape by boat after the outbreak of Zombie in the City of London. Yet, season 2 is announced but the show is worth watching.

The status of Zomboat Season is cancelled. The series is not going to be broadcast for the new season. The original season of Zomboat season had been running on 8th October 2019- 12th November 2019. The season is broadcast on Hulu and ITV2. The genre of this series is Post-Apocalyptic.

What is the Cast of Zomboat?

Zomboats features some promising and talented lead cast from the world of UK TV.  The Kat is featured by Leah Brotherhead, she is well known for her cast show Gold which is BBC Drama. Absentia fame Cara Theobold plays the role of Jo. The Doctor Who and Luther fame Hamza Jeetooa played the character of Sunny.

Zomboat Season 2

And, finally, the lead role of Amar is played by Ryan McKen who was previously seen in Game of Thrones as well as Bancroft.

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What Was the Story of Zomboat Season 1?

The Zomboat show starts with the outbreak of zombies in the city of the UK which is Birmingham. Then the show introduces us to Jo who has been recently coming back to her hometown and she decides to move in with her sister Kat.

On the other hand, Kat believes in conspiracy theories. Kat is a game geek person. Amar joins them who is shown as a gym addict person in the show. Amar has also a knack for solving problems which are coming in future.

Here comes, his close friend Sunny in the picture now, who hates society and always prefers to pass the storms from his home.

Luckily, these four characters come together on a narrow boat which is named Dorothy on the Grand Union Canal. They come up with this plan to escape after knowing that, zombies could not swim.

This is the underutilized trait of Zombies which they use as an advantage to escape and this is told by Kat in the show.

And so on, as they all are together on this journey from the canal they have no other choice rather than becoming friends. As the show goes on it also develops a romantic bond between the characters.


So we can conclude that even from the outbreaks people cannot run from their daily emotions and problems.

The show is watched by anyone, even if anybody likes zombies or not because the concept of this show is different.

Zomboat Teaser

Check out the official teaser of zomboat to get an idea about this series.

Does Zomboat Renewed for Season 2?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. Zomboat Season 2 is not going to air so soon as per the recent news. We are constantly monitoring the news for an update on Zomboat season 2 and as of now, there is no such news about Zomboat Season 2.

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Does Zomboat Season 2 is Going to Cancel?

Zomboat Season has been cancelled. This news has disappointed many fans of the Zomboat because they were hopeful for the new season.

Moreover, the broadcast partner never announced any official release date of the Zomboat and also we did not hear anything about the new season from the cast of the series.

The first season of Zomboat was released on 8th October 2019 and so considering the 2 plus years of waiting, it’s good to assume that Zomboat season 2 is mostly got cancelled.

The Zomboat has received a 7 out of 10 rating on IMDB which is considered a tremendous rating for any kind of TV show. The Zomboat also shows a 4.6 rating on Google reviews which is only because of its quirky characters and awesome humour.

Zomboat season2

Even though having so much popularity and viewers, the future of the Zomboat is dark and also the hopes for Season 2 have vanished.

When Will Zomboat Season 2 Come Out?

ITV2 has not announced officially about Zomboat Season 2 yet. To this date, there is no news about the release of the series from the television partner.

From this, we cannot assume that the show has been cancelled. The series must be on a break and also there is the possibility that the next season has not been scheduled yet.

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Frequently Ask Questions?

Does Zomboat Season 2 Cancel?

Zomboat Season 2 has been officially cancelled by ITV2, as there is no announcement by the broadcast partner as well as a cast of the show.

How Many Episodes Are There in Zomboat?

People who are craving for zombie series must watch this six episode Zomboat show on ITV2. It is a humorous UK tv show which is aired in 2019.

Is There Any Chances of Release of Zomboat Season 2?

As there is no any official confirmation from the broadcast partner, there is no any news or prediction for the release of Zomboat Season 2


From this article we can conclude that, there is no any news regarding Zomboat season 2 by the official broadcast partner so basically fans need to wait for the new season. We hope that season will declare soon so keep in touch with us and comment your queries regarding this article. Hope this article is helpful for you guys.