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Zenonzard the Animation: An Anime To Watch Out For

How many of you are fans of anime? I bet a lot of you are. Why wouldn't you be? There's no other art form that so seamlessly blends elements of animation and realism together. Taking its root in the old Manga comic books, anime is now the bread and butter of every other teen with an obsession for Japan. And we support it with all our heart and soul. If you don't watch anime, you really are missing out on a lot. We highly recommend that you give this amazing and tasteful art form a go. Have you heard of Zenonzard the Animation? You're bound to love it.

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Today we're not going to talk about any of the animes you probably might have heard of before. Instead, we're going to talk about a fresh off the bakery anime, that might just have the potential to be one of the best animations of 2020-2021. It is a sci-fi animation that is still in the works and potentially stopped production due to the ongoing covid pandemic restrictions. Nevertheless, we are hopeful to see more of what this sci-fi anime has to offer, as it holds great promise.

Zenonzard: What We Know Till Now

Zenonzard the animation
Still from Zenonzard The Animation

To be quite fair, we don't know a lot about anime till now. And you'd be hard-pressed to find any valuable information about it on the internet. It just isn't the blockbuster hit shows like Death Note and Naruto are. It is simply a low-budget anime that is on hold for the moment, or that is what we are speculating at least. With not much to go off of, there is not much we can say about the anime.

However, from what we know, the show creators Eight-bit released Episode 0 of the anime back in 2019. Post that, they have released 3 different episodes for the first season of the show. However, our use of the word season may be redundant, given the way things are going. Because apart from these 3 episodes, there is literally nothing creator Eight-bit has given us. And it is really hard to say anything on the basis of 3 episodes. So we are going to go the unconventional way and not give any opinions on the show.

Another interesting piece of information about the anime is that it is loosely based on the Bandai app game of the same name.

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What The Show is All About

Zenonzard the Animation
Zenonzard the Animation poster

From what we were able to gather, the show is set in the far future, where Artificial Intelligence is the norm and humans and AI is in a constant symphony. The humans are known by the titles of “Concords” and they are teamed up with a super high powered AI named “Codeman”. Together, these two buddy up to compete in Zenonzard, the game the show is based on. Zenonzard is a card game canonically. All the while, the general public is going crazy over the game. Zenon, the world championship for the card game, has the people going nuts in millions and everyone wants in on the show. It's all just a spectacular debacle. The Zenon is The game of the masses. Everyone loves it.

The story takes place where life suddenly changes for an average high school student, Azuma Souta. Things start getting interested as Azuma is challenged to a Zenon duel by a strange mysterious woman Eilienna Lash. Eilienna later reveals that she's one of the AI Code and offers Azuma her services. She reveals the real reason she met up with Azuma. She wants to team up with her for the Zenon tournament. And she is in it for the win. And she would have none other than Azuma and that is why she needs her. Upon hearing Eilienna's proposal, Azuma reluctantly agrees to team up with her. However, things don't always go according to plan. The first person they go up against just happens to be a super renowned player of the game, Saionji Shion, who also happens to be a master at it.

Knowing all this, the premise of Zenonzard the Animation is very promising. It almost gives Beyblade vibes. But we're keeping our fingers crossed.

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Zenonzard the Animation: The Cast

Scene from Zenonzard the Animation

The anime doesn't happen to have a lot of credited voice actors. And from what we could find, the voice actors for the show are as follows:

Unfortunately, those are all the details we have for the current cast members of the show. Or at least those are the credited members of the cast, given the low budget of the show.

What the viewers think

Unfortunately, there is not a lot to read about the anime, as the viewership is quite limited and we were only able to gauge a limited number of audience reactions.

However, from the limited reaction we've seen, the ratings seem to be overwhelmingly positive, with reviewers praising the show for the unique combination of supernatural as well as sci-fi elements that have been tastefully integrated into the show.

That being said, we would recommend that you take these reviews with a grain of salt, and form your own opinion as you watch the series.

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What The Future Holds

This is one aspect we are completely unsure about, given the limited info about the show on the internet and the way the show creators are mum about the whole situation. It is really difficult to say anything at this point. However, given the promising premise of the show, we really hope that the show is given its due conclusion and renewed for the years to come.

Zenonzard poster

Currently, if you want to watch the Anime, you can watch it on Youtube on Zenonzard's official Youtube channel.  The streaming is free of cost and you can watch it any time and anywhere without any hidden charges.

What are your opinions on anime? Did you get a chance to watch it? Or did you just skip past it? Do you like anime in general? What are your thoughts on whether it will be renewed? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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