Zendaya’s rosy-glow nails at the Oscars in 2024 set a new nail trend



Zendaya has demonstrated that a natural manicure is undoubtedly the beauty trend to look out for at the 2024 Oscars. Less was more when it came to nail art on the red carpet this year, from short nail lengths to natural finishes. With a shade we’re calling rosy-glow nails, Zendaya in particular expertly displayed how gorgeous natural nails can be paired with glamorous haircuts, glittering gowns, and Old Hollywood-glam makeup.

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The star made sure to watch the Academy Awards live and in person even though she wasn’t nominated for any awards—at least not this year.

Additionally, we always enjoy seeing Zendaya walk the red carpet because we know she will always look stunning and unexpected. (Here’s proof—just watch the press tour for Dune 2.) The Oscars in 2024 were no different. She wore a Giorgio Armani Privé dress with a palm tree motif for the occasion, which showed off a sparkling corsage.

This glittering fabric must have served as the inspiration for her manicure because it caught our eye with its faint shine. We were instantly reminded of the lip gloss nails that were all the rage last year by the light pink nail art. Only that rosé hue from Zendaya elevates them to a new level. Specifically, pink-hued nails.

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In particular, the shade looks great on square nails. Of course, you may theoretically pair any nail shape with rosy-glow nails. But at the 2024 Oscars, Zendaya showed off how well the trend works with square nails.

And in doing so, she unequivocally demonstrated that nail shapes can indeed appear really natural. How? by putting them together with a natural shine and wearing them short. Sounds dull on paper, we realize. However, it’s not if you execute it like Zendaya.

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Our forecast: Zendaya has recently introduced a fresh nail style. This spring, we predict seeing a lot more rosy-glow manicures.