Zendaya was seen in Rome using tennis balls as heels



Zendaya‘s avant-garde style is evident in Rome for “Challengers,” when she dons a Loewe dress with tennis-inspired details. Her blonde hair and distinctive white shoes finish the stylish ensemble, highlighting her unparalleled talent and sense of style.

“in Rome, Italy, displaying her passion for tennis with an unusual outfit. The 27-year-old actress wore a custom silver Loewe dress with a pleated skirt that was cut just right for the tennis court and a plunging neckline. Her custom-made white pumps with real tennis balls in the heels, which gave her ensemble a quirky yet whimsical touch, were what really stole the show.

Zendaya’s most recent futuristic gown showcased a pronounced incision at the belly button, extending to her hip bones

Posing on a stunning rooftop in Italy with her co-stars Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist, Zendaya radiated confidence and style in her striking outfit.

Her flawless design sense and the teamwork of her longtime stylist, Law Roach, were evident in the dazzling drop-waisted dress with black striped accent.

, a former tennis champion who is now a coach, negotiating a complicated romantic triangle with her spouse and an ex-friend. Her choice of clothing reflected this thematic resonance, as shown by the tennis-inspired accents she included.

Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet wore matching leather jumpsuits to an event in South Korea for Dune: Part Two

Zendaya’s blonde hair, recently dyed for the event, was done in a sporty half-up with flipped-out ends, adding a young touch to her entire appearance. Wearing bangle bracelets and silver earrings, she radiated refinement and elegance while perfectly encapsulating her personality.

The fashion feast continued as Zendaya and Law Roach wowed with a string of spot-on ensembles on the “Challengers” promotional tour. Every piece of clothing, from sleek pantsuits to mod-inspired ensembles, was carefully chosen to showcase Zendaya’s particular style and the ideas of the movie.

Zendaya’s amazing robotic appearance for the global premiere of “Dune” is truly a throwback to the past

Zendaya once again shown why she is a formidable presence on and off film with her daring wardrobe choices and unwavering personality. Her unmatched talent and sense of style never fail to enthrall viewers, whether she’s strutting the red carpet or posing for a picture in Rome. As “Challengers” gains more and more attention, it’s evident that Zendaya’s avant-garde style is effective both on and off the court.