Zatima Season 3 Release Date: Where You Can Watch Zatima?


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Zatima Season 3 release date is not known for now. In Season 3 of Zatima, the main focus will be on Zac and Fatima. They are a couple in the show Sistas. The season will explore their relationship and how they navigate their love affair. The story will continue from where Season 2 ended, following the narrative style that has brought success to Tyler Perry(who is famous for his Se*ual Prefrence)‘s previous works.

Release Date Of Zatima Season 3

BET+ announced that the first season of the series would start on September 29, 2022. Later changed the date to September 22, 2022. It was a week earlier than planned.

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The second season was approved and premiered on February 17, 2023, starting on March 16, 2023. While there is no official information about the release date for Season 3 of Zatima, there are rumors that it might come out in late 2024.

Cast Of  Zatima

Devale Ellis plays the character of Zachary “Zac” Taylor, while Crystal Renee Hayslett portrays Fatima Wilson. Nzinga Imani appears as Angela, and Remington Hoffman takes on the role of Bryce. Cameron Fuller plays the character of Nathan. In recurring roles, Jasmin Brown portrays Deja, Guyviaud Joseph plays Tony, and Danielle LaRoach appears as Belinda.

Premise Of Zathima

In this new show called “Zac and Fatima,” which is a spin-off from Sistas.Zac and Fatima embark on a fresh chapter in their relationship. However, their newfound love is in jeopardy as a result of secrets, lies, unfaithfulness, and the presence of past romantic partners that pose a threat to their happiness.

The upcoming series will center around the romantic journey of Sistas Zac and Fatima as they face and overcome various challenges and difficulties in their relationship. There will be a friend and basketball teammate of Zac, named Lori, whose watchful wife ensures he stays on track.

Zatima Season 3 Release Date

Remington Hoffman, known for his role in “Days of Our Lives,” will portray Bryce, a new friend of Zac’s who is determined to secure a grant. Fatima, Zac’s girlfriend, shares a close friendship with another character named Fatima. Nzinga Imani, who previously appeared in “All Queen’s Men,” will play Angela, Bryce’s romantic partner.

Recap Of Zatima Season 2

In Season 2, Zac and Fatima’s relationship faces even more difficult challenges. Zac has to deal with inner conflicts that become worse after reuniting with his mother, Gladys. He hasn’t seen his mother Gladys for a long time. Fatima starts to doubt herself and wonders if she is truly what Zac needs. Especially when she struggles to communicate with him about dealing with their past problems.

Spoiler For Season 3

In Season 3 of Zatima, the story will continue right where Season 2 ended. The main focus will be on the romantic relationship between Zac and Fatima. Their love has faced challenges, and now they have to decide if they can work things out or choose different paths.

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Zac has a close friend named Bryce who is putting in a lot of effort to obtain a grant. Bryce’s girlfriend Angela is good friends with Fatima. Another character, Nzinga Imani, will portray Angela, who is Bryce’s partner in love.

Where You Can Watch Zatima Season 3?

There is information available about Zathima season 3. To watch Season 2 of Zatima, you will need a cable or satellite subscription that includes the Syfy channel. However, if you prefer streaming services, you can also find the show online on platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Bet+.Zatima Season 3 Release Date

If you have a cable or satellite subscription, you can check your local listings for the specific airing time of Zatima Season 2 on Syfy. It is scheduled to be broadcast at 10 p.m. EST/9 p.m. CST.


Season 2 of Zatima consists of only 10 episodes. The season finale of the Second season premiered in two parts on BET+ on Thursday, April 13th, 2023. Cameron Fuller, who plays Nathan, had previously mentioned on Twitter that there would be 20 episodes this season. However, a Zatima fan page recently tweeted that episode 10 marked the midpoint of the season.

However, the official BET+ Twitter page posted about episode 10, calling it the season finale and urging viewers to stream it. This confirms that episode 10 is indeed the season finale, and there won’t be a total of 20 episodes as previously suggested.

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