Doctor Strange’s Zara Phythian Accused For Having Sex With 13-Year Old Girl



Doctor Strange’s actress Zara Phythian has been accused in court of sexually assaulting and having sex with a minor girl. 

Both Phythian and her Husband face 14 charges for allegedly assaulting a 13-year-old girl back in 2005. The girl, who is an adult now, spoke regarding the case in the police office and revealed everything about the couple. 

The girl spoke at the police station in Nottingham Crown Court and revealed that the sexual assault began in 2005 and continued for 2 years until she was 15. 

Zara Phythian, who is already a known actress and famous for her stint in the Marvel Doctor Strange Movie, has also worked on her new projects. Both, Zara and her husband have denied the allegations but the court is working on it. 

The girl further says that the couple has threatened her and also said that if she says this to anyone, they will not believe her. they got all the powers and there was nothing anyone could do to them.

The woman, whose identity is not yet revealed by the police officials also said, “I knew it was wrong, but I just didn’t know how to get out of the situation or say anything,” The police recorded in the girl’s interview “I remember trying to copy Zara’s reaction at the time because I looked up to her and tried to be like her in any way.”

The woman accused Phythian of making her drink and then persuading her. She also said that Phythian forced her to have oral sex with her husband. Adding to this, she said that Marke threatened her to not disclose any of these things to the public. 

Both Phythian and Marke are Martial arts experts and back in 2005 they were also reportedly working together but not married. The courtroom trial is still ongoing but the internet is furious against the couple.