Zachary Levi Wants A Footrace With Grant Gustin

Zachary Levi is a pretty wholesome dude. In a recent Instagram live stream, the actor helped raised money for mental illness, interacted with fans and even had a nice little riff with Grant Gustin. Levi started off the live stream by addressing the fact that a user named Kristen was sending him DMs; and that she believed she was in kind of some type of romantic relationship with him.

Levi told his fans to not believe people pretending to be him; and not to trust unverified accounts on social media. The fans were all taking pretty seriously.  But when a certain user by the name of Grant Gustin chimed in, fans were in for a treat.

Gustin hilariously called out if this meant that Levi wasn’t real and it resulted in a fun and lighthearted interaction between the two actors.

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What Is This, A Cross-Over Episode?

Levi assured Gustin what they had was indeed real. “Your name ain’t Kristen, at least that’s not the last thing you told me. And we still need to have our footrace — our Flash/Shazam footrace!”


We’re not entirely sure if this is a footrace on-screen or off-screen. But hey, we’ll take what we can get!

Levi has previously talked about this question. In fact, during a fan convention in Orlando in 2019, the actor was asked who would beat the other between The Flash and Shazam. The actor sought clarification over if the fan meant a fight or a footrace. When the fan said they meant a fight, Levi confidently answered that he was sure Shazam would win.

Levi then playfully told the fans to “tell all the Flashes”, which includes Ezra Miller’s version of the character. It’ll certainly be cool to see the actors interact with each other even if it’s just for a fan event and not an actual live-action appearance.


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