Yung Miami Dating: Is It Time for the Big Announcement of 2022?


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Since the City Girls hit the music business, fans and big names alike have revered them. Beside their carefree characters and straightforward position on dating, both Yung Miami and JT are stunning. With their irrefutable excellence and appeal, it’s nothing unexpected that they have numerous admirers.

Nothing gets virtual entertainment rolling like gossipy tidbits about a potential superstar relationship, and with the insight about Yung Miami (real name: Caresha Brownlee) conceivably dating Diddy, fans are considering what’s happening in her heartfelt life.

All things considered, Caresha has been often spotted with the Love Records pioneer and has even participated in a verbal disagreement with model Gina Huynh over the head honcho.

All in All, Who Is Yung Miami Dating?

Yung Miami and Diddy at last affirm that they are dating and have a unique “kinship.”

Following an extended period of having virtual entertainment speculating whether she and Diddy are a thing, Yung Miami has now settled the tales through the principal episode of her podcast series Caresha Please.

In the June 9 episode with extraordinary visitor Diddy himself, viewers looked as she squeezed the tycoon big shot about their relationship status. Diddy looked somewhat shocked by Yung Miami’s inquiries, yet he eventually affirmed what we already know.

“We date. We’re dating,” Diddy said.

Nonetheless, the 52-year-old later clarified that they are basically living it up with one another and that he’s at present “single,” “taking as much time as necessary with his adoration life,” and “just dating.”

“We go on dates. We’re companions,” Diddy said. “We go to intriguing areas. We have incredible times.”

Yung Miami dating

Despite the fact that Yung Miami looked somewhat irritated with Diddy saying that he’s single, she at last concurred that the pair are dating and enjoying each other. Be that as it may, they are not in a serious relationship.

This not so stunning disclosure comes after Yung Miami uncovered in a December 2021 interview with WGCI’s Kendra G and Leon Rogers (caught by The Shade Room), that comprised of Yung Miami denying being in a relationship with Diddy.

“I’m about to ask,” Kendra G says. “You can deny, don’t reply, or makes no difference either way. Did you, or would you say you are, dating Diddy?”

“No,” Yung Miami answers.

The Yung Miami and Diddy Dating Bits of Hearsay Initially Begun in June 2021

For people that are new to the party, the Diddy and Yung Miami dating bits of gossip originally became exposed in June 2021 when Diddy posted a photograph of the pair clasping hands at Quality Control CEO’s Pierre “Pee” Thomas’ birthday slam.

Yung Miami remarked the heart-eyes and fire emoticons under the pic. She likewise returned the adoration by posting the image on her Instagram page, too. And from that point forward, it was on.

On Aug. 4, 2021, The Shade Room got the video of Yung Miami and Diddy snuggled up with each other. In the video, Yung Miami is perched on Diddy’s lap as she drinks alcohol from a container.

In a now-erased photograph — caught by The Neighborhood Talk — Yung Miami posted a photograph of herself on a confidential island with a man fans accept to be Diddy. She subtitled the photograph, “Real lovely and sadiddy,” which plainly affirms that she’s been investing energy with the tycoon.

In any case, in light of her most recent interview, both Yung Miami and Diddy affirmed that they were both investing energy in the confidential island together.

Despite the fact that fans like the possibility of Yung Miami enjoying her experience with Diddy, it’s impossible to tell assuming the pair will choose to take things to a higher level. Both Yung Miami and Diddy are obviously simply dedicated to having some good times, so the truth will surface eventually assuming that things will bloom.

Yung Miami dating

Did Diddy Just Confirm He’s Dating City Girls’ Yung Miami?

One of hip bounce’s most famous lone rangers might be off the market.

During the debut episode of REVOLT’s Caresha Please show on June 10, host and City Girls rapper Yung Miami had reputed boyfriend Diddy, 52, as her most memorable big name visitor. During the episode, the pair kept it as far as possible real about their ongoing relationship status.

“I’m single,” he said, adding, “Yet I’m dating. I’m simply taking as much time as necessary with life.”

Diddy’s reaction incited Miami, 28, to request a superior portrayal of what their arrangement is, to which he answered, “We date. We’re dating. We go have dates. We’re companions. We go to colorful areas. We have incredible times. We go to strip clubs, church.

Concerning what pulled in Diddy to the “Twerkulator” rapper — who is a mother to child Jai, 8, and little girl Summer, 2 — Diddy shared that she is legitimate.

“You’re like one of the realest individuals I’ve at any point met,” he added. “You’re genuinely yourself and you’re an extraordinary mother and an incredible companion. We simply have a great time.”

Miami and Diddy ignited dating tales last June after she posted a photograph of herself clasping hands with the REVOLT TV pioneer on Instagram. In October 2021, the City Girls rapper posted (and erased) an image of herself near the ocean with a man that was accepted to be Diddy.

That very month, she name-dropped Diddy in her melody “Rap Freaks,” in which she rapped, “Took a fly to a confidential island out on the town with Diddy/I like awful young men, no digger sh- – t, Diddy let me put it in front of you like them bugs.”

Yung Miami dating

Yung Miami Is Over Individuals Web Based Offering Her Spontaneous Dating Guidance.

During an Instagram Live on Monday (June 13), the City Girls rapper had a couple of decision words for individuals attempting to guide her after Sean “Diddy” Combs affirmed they were dating in a new episode of the new REVOLT TV podcast Caresha Please.

“You all generally going to come and say ‘don’t do this and don’t do that,‘” Miami said. “Try not to let me know what the f — to do because I’m experiencing my best motherf — ing life.

I needn’t bother with no relationship counsel from no one, ’cause you all bi — es ain’t hitched not one or the other. You all bi — es ain’t been along with you all men. Like, please. I needn’t bother with no relationship exhortation from no one.”

Miami declared that others ought not be worried about her activities, as she’s living it up and knows how to work in a relationship.

Yung Miami dating


Yung Miami Says She Doesn’t Need Your Relationship Advice After Diddy Confirms They’re Dating – “I don’t require relationship counsel from no one on the Internet,” the City Girls rapper says during an Instagram Live.

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