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YouTube TV’s Multi-View Feature: The End to Remote Control Battles!

Peace Out!

What if one fine evening there’s your son’s favourite cooking show, spouse’s favourite travel show, your daughter’s favourite basketball match and your favourite quiz show simultaneously? Surely, the evening will remain witness to a possible outbreak of World War III! After the battle’s over , you’d probably be looking at the sky expressing your sadness over the fact that there isn’t any streaming platform where all the four can be streamed at once.

Guess what, your prayers have been answered as everyone’s favorite streaming platform YouTube TV has rolled out a new feature called ‘multiview’ option to improve the user experience. This indicates that now you can stream four different preselected streams at the same time. Intrigued, right? Let’s delve into it right away!

What is Multiview streaming?

Multiview streaming refers to splitting the screen when watching numerous videos on your TV or monitor. While not everyone can afford numerous screens, watching two or more screens from multiple displays is not possible. Instead, you should use the multi-view option as often as you can.

Sports events are typically watched using multi-view streaming because you do not always need to hear the audio and it can be heard silently. The Multiview option will be useful if you don't want to share the TV remote with your brother or your father.

However, don't think that YouTube did this first; fuboTV had already introduced the multi-view feature prior to YouTube. Even more recently, fuboTV introduced a feature upgrade that allows users to access multi-view mode with stats, which is a rather special function.

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The all new ‘Multiview’ feature

Multiview was said to be under development by the company last August when it was known as “Mosaic Mode.” You can simultaneously watch up to four channels using the multi-view feature. While you might not benefit from the choice when watching movies or television episodes, the functionality would be helpful to sports enthusiasts who want to watch various games and keep track of scores without having to continuously change channels.

So, the multi-view option will be useful if two of your favourite teams are playing at once. In order to solve this issue, some traditional TVs have up to now provided a picture-in-picture option, but YouTube TV's digital infrastructure now supports even more concurrent streams. The company has however claimed that it is “exploring” various methods for users to use its services throughout the range of content it provides.

The choice is presently restricted to smart TVs, though. As a result, you would be unable to enable it on the internet or on a mobile device. Also, because it is being introduced gradually, not all subscribers will initially have access to the function. Multiview won't be accessible to all users for a few months, according to YouTube.

Most recently, it made history by announcing a groundbreaking streaming agreement with NFL Sunday Ticket, which was previously only accessible in the US via DirecTV. According to rumor's, the multi-year agreement is worth $2 billion per season. Because of this, YouTube TV will probably draw more sports viewers than a four-up feed would. But when combined, the sports-friendly choices can present a tempting alternative to competitors like Hulu Live TV.

It's interesting that the company was able to use technology that the YouTube Live team had already developed to allow a number of creators to go live simultaneously. As a result, it was able to launch the functionality more quickly. Additionally, YouTube claims that multi-view could eventually give artists new chances, such as the ability to contribute their own commentary to videos.

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How to use the multi-view feature?

You can use YouTube TV's multi-view feature by:

  •       Access the page to start a chat with the customer service staff.
  •       Request that the support staff provide you access to the feature.
  •       You might be given a unique form to complete, and if you do so, you might gain access to the multi-view feature.

If the YouTube TV app is available on the user's television, they can also select the new multi-view option from the “Top Picks for You” section. (Subscribers who chose to receive emails and alerts will also receive one.)

According to YouTube, users who enable the functionality will be able to switch between streams of audio and captions as well as enter and exit a game's full-screen mode.

The company has to deploy innovative technologies to make the feature a reality. The company noted in a blog post that a multi-view experience would typically rely on a high-end user device to handle and play back many streams simultaneously before displaying them as one unified view. Nevertheless, because YouTube TV doesn't operate on expensive equipment, it had to figure out a method to move more processing to the server side.

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Summing up

For the ones who love domestic peace over anything, YouTube has indeed done a great favor to you all, isn’t it?

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