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YouTube: The Platform Will Allow Creators To Monetize Videos On COVID-19.

Good news for Youtube content creators as Youtube allows creators to monetize videos on Coronavirus or COVID-19 after an official announcement made by the CEO of Youtube, Susan Wojcicki. Read ahead to know more.

About COVID-19 Or Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a type of virus. The virus originated in China. A newly identified type of virus is COVID-19. It is the disease caused by the coronavirus that emerged in Wuhan, China in December 2019.

COVID-19 symptoms include cough, fever and breathing problems such as shortness of breath. COVID-19 is diagnosed with a laboratory test. The virus can spread from one person to another through the air and any physical contact made between the two.

No vaccines are yet discovered to treat the coronavirus and remain under investigation by medical scientists all around the world.

Washing hands regularly, avoid going to dense public outings, wearing a mask, keeping hands while sneezing are some of the basic preventive measures to be used to avoid the coronavirus.

Previous Advertising Guidelines Of YouTube

According to the previous advertising guidelines of Youtube, creators were not allowed to monetize videos that included mention of coronavirus. The issue came under the sensitive policy of Youtube.

The policy protects the advertisers and their rights from being associated with videos about things like mass shootings, armed conflicts, misguided political agendas, terrorist act and so on.

Present Advertising Guidelines Of YouTube

Youtube has made changes in its advertising policies and guidelines. After seeing the massive outbreak of coronavirus globally, Youtube decided to allow creators to monetize videos on COVID-19.

The purpose of doing so was to create as much awareness as much as possible. This will enable people globally to take preventive measures and precautions to deal with coronavirus.

This not only made the creator community happy but also various NewsChannel who used Youtube as their secondary tool to show news and earn profitable revenues from the same.

Youtube’s CEO, Susan Wojcicki said that not all creators will be given this privilege. Only those creators who are certified and authentic NewsChannel companies will be allowed to monetize videos on COVID-19.

This will ensure that only authentic and real information approved by the World Health Organisation is being shared with the public. It will prevent unauthentic information from getting published.

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