Your Lie in April Season 2: Renewal, Release Date, And Rumors


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Are you a fan of romantic content? If so, you’re in the right place. Your Lie in April is one of those beautiful anime series that we just love to watch and cannot get enough of. Fans have been waiting for season 2 of the show for an amazingly long time. The show was just that good. But is there even going to be a Your Lie in April Season 2? When will it be released? Read on to find out.

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Your Lie in April: About the Show

Your Lie in April
Still: Your Lie in April is a slice of life anime series

Your Lie in April is a romantic anime series with musical elements. It is based on a manga series of books by Naoshi Arakawa, both the illustrator as well as the writer of the series. The anime also has live action adaptations. It was adapted as an anime by A1 productions back in 2014 and ran till Q1 2015. Your Lie in April received widespread critical acclaim all over the world. The anime was particularly appreciated for its music and story. The music is a central part of the anime and needs to be listened to again and again. It is just that beautiful.

The show received generally favorable reviews from the public and critics. While some have judged the plot of the show to be a little generic, it still holds its own. The illustration, the art direction, and the music are just on point. It takes the show to new heights and justifies everything else. The plot is not weak by any measure either. It is just that some people find it too generic for their taste. Overall the show received positive approval from almost everyone. The show is visually and aurally stunning and we can attest to that.

It might just sound like any other show, but we promise that giving it a chance is worth it. The show has melancholic as well as bittersweet vibes that are just perfect for fans of romance. If you’re a fan of romantic animes you’re going to love this one.

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Your Lie in April Season 2: Renewal

Your Lie in April Season 2
Your Lie in April might probably never be renewed for a season 2

Given the love that the first season of the show received and the movie, people were bound to get excited for the second season of the show. However. season 1 of the show came out in 2014, and it has been a long time since then. Although animes have taken really long hiatuses before, chances are slim of a return after such a long one.

Added is the fact that the show ended with the death of Kaori, one of the main characters. The aftermath was also followed in the films. But it is still a factor that contributes to the decision to end the show.

Given the fact that the show came out in 2014, and ended with Kaori’s death, chances are the anime won’t be returning for a second season at all. Most of the plot lines of the show have been given a fitting end. And no loose ends have been left. The main “lie” that the show talks about has been resolved. And there is hardly any reason to continue the series after it has met its natural conclusion.

Given all of the above facts, it is highly likely that Your Lie in April won’t be returning for a second season at all. And that is something fans of the show are going to have to accept. It was an amazing show while it lasted, but all good things have to come to an end. And Your Lie in April has met its natural end.

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Your Lie in April Season 2: Release Date

Your Lie in April
Your Lie in April has amazing visuals and illustrations

While the chances of a renewal of the show are slim, there have been rumors. Rumors have been floating around that the show may be coming around for a second season. If we are to believe these rumors, then we are looking at at least an 18 month window. Given the pandemic, that is a pretty good estimate. So it is going to be at least 2022-23 before the anime comes out. That is the best case scenario, in case the show is renewed shortly. But we are not inclined to believe in these rumors and would recommend you take them with a grain of salt. Those are our two cents on the matter.

Tl:dr – If the show was to come out eventually, we are looking at a 2022 to 2023 timeline.

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Your Lie in April: Final Words

All we would really say is that Your Lie in April is a show that is worth watching, regardless. It is an amazing show with a well written plot, amazing music, and mind blowing illustrations. The way that the art has been shown is really amazing and well worth watching. However, don’t expect a season 2 to come out any time soon, if at all. It is a great slice of life anime, and one that is worth watching. It gets our thumbs up.

If you haven’t watched the show, you may catch the same on Netflix.

The show currently holds a rating of 8.7 on MyAnimeList, our preferred website of choice for all things anime. That is a very very high rating given the average anime rating. And one that we would trust given the website’s reputation. So it is a highly recommended watch.
The show also has a rating of 8.6 on IMDb, based on user reviews.

Your Lie in April Season 2

What are your thoughts on the show? Have you watched it? Did you like it? Do you agree with our recommendation of the show and the rating? What about the plot; What do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments section down below.

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