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Your Lie in April Season 2: Plot | Characters | Release Date

Your lie in April is a ” Slice of Life” anime that presents a beautiful story of love, letting go, and the healing power of music. Your Lie in April Season 2 is an absolute treat for those looking for a soothing emotional journey along with thought-provoking content.

It is pretty common to categorize anime as cartoon stuff for kids. This flippant attitude towards anime is displaced. Thought-provoking content can belong to any genre and it is completely unfair to think that just because it is anime it must not be anything good. This wonderful series of love and music once again underscores the potential of anime and manga.

The unmistakable positive energy in the show is incredible. The show takes you to a world where the viewers are offered something extremely important and rare as well — catharsis. It is quite challenging to convey that cathartic journey through words. 

All we can do is a promise to try our best and hope that you like it. Read on to more about this wonderful venture.

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Adaptation of Your Lie in April Season 2

The series was adapted from a Manga series by Naoshi Arakawa. There is also a movie in the same name based on the same manga.

Plotline of Your Lie in April Season 2

The story in season 1 revolves around a piano prodigy Kusuo Arima who becomes a very famous piano player at an early age. He earns fame as well as reverence due to the technical accuracy of his playing. 

Then something happened that turned Kuoso’s life upside down. His mother Saki dies. Just before Saki’s death, Kousei exchanges harsh words with his mother. When she criticized him for finding fault, he screamed at her by saying, “I wish you were dead”.Almost immediately after this, Saki dies. After Kousei is shocked and heartbroken. It is probably due to the guilt Kousei stops playing the piano. He became quieter and always seemed kind of lost in thoughts.

Saki was Kousei ‘s first piano teacher. Even though the relationship between the mother and the son was never an easy one, the tragedy takes a severe toll on Kousei; He becomes pathologically intolerant to piano notes and stops playing. 

Striking changes take over this young boy who rarely receives the kind of love every child deserves. His mother’s ways of teaching were harsh and cruel. She couldn’t place a little trust in her that one day her son will become a great artist one day. Even in her final moments, she was tormented by the fact Kousei would not reach his full potential.  

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Kousei becomes his own shadow

the lead characters of your lie in april
Starring Kōsei Arima and Kaori Miyazono from Your Lie In April

Years pass after the death of Kousei’s mother. Now Kousei is a high school student, still avoiding playing the Piano. He has become a much-reserved person. He has grown so emotionally distant that he lives in oblivion regarding his surroundings. He fails to see Tsubaki’s love for him in the same way he doesn’t have much awareness regarding the jealousy of his rivals for him.  

Kousei’s last words to his mother were cruel; a humiliated Kousei lashed out, ” I wish you were dead “. This becomes too much of a burden to bear but Kousei must carry on with the pain.

He has become merely a shadow, without any spirit of life.  

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Saki and Kousei’s relations

Saki Arima was Kousei’s mother. She used to be a renowned piano player in Japan. She used to teach Kousei the basics of piano playing. But she probably didn’t want Kousei to become a professional piano player, knowing all about the hardships of the profession.

When her friend Hiroko tells her that Kousei has extraordinary talent in playing the piano, then Saki changes.

She became much stricter. It is possible her extant disease became more aggressive and it changed her. She stopped Kousei from anything fun like spending time with friends and playing. She convinced that Kousei nothing matters if Kousei doesn’t become the best. Even after Saki’s death, kousei kept seeing his mother shadow spirit near him.

When Kousei sees Kaori at the hospital, he jumps out of fear. Kaori looks exactly like his mother did, during her final days. Kousei sobs. He prays to God that he cannot go through losing another loved one. 

Kaori Miyazomo: Arrival of the muse

Kaori’s character is opposite to Kousei’s. She is full of spirit, laughter, and music. She loves to be among children. She is very easy to get along with and unlike Kousei, she always speaks her mind. She is an extraordinary violinist. It is her music that touched Kousei’s heart and after a very long time, he felt the enchanting soothing effect of music.

She lives life as if there were no tomorrow. 

Her way of living gains attention from our distant hero who wishes to be more like her. Her bubbly personality, easy approaches, and spontaneous self win our hearts almost instantly. 

The two lies that Kaori told make us love her even more. Her first lie was that she was not in Love with Kousei and the second was that her health was fine, whereas she knew she was terminally ill.

 Kousei and Kaori: An inexplicable bond

kaori and kōsei from episode 21 of your lie in april
A glimpse from episode 21 of Your Lie in April

Kaori and Kousei share a kind of bond that is hard to describe. There is much more to their relationship.

Kaori inspires Kousei. When Kaori suddenly comes and jumps off the bridge into the river, Kousei admires her free-spirited nature with the deepest intensity. He realises that Kaori connected with him in a way he did not know existed. Kaori encourages him to listen to his whereas his mother had a liking for strict rules. 

Kaori is the first person to whom Kousei for the first time speaks his heart out. He tells her how he is always under his mother’s shadow and losing his way towards music. After listening to Kousei for a while, she tells Kousei that his mother was very different and he would never be her. Kaori wants him to play again,  for himself. It is Kaori who finds an opportunity to bring Kousei back to playing the piano. 

Kaori enters Kousei’s life, like a storm. She is unpredictable, sweet, a little weird and truly sincere. Kaori has always loved Kousei. She had an awesome, matchless spirit that helped her live each and moment of her life. Even though she had a terminal illness and she kept it a secret, she has lived without regret. Her mere presence made Kousei’s grey world much colourful and brighter. She is the spring of his life and symbolizes the new changes, growth and fulfilment.

There is a scene that shows after a very long time Kousei finally plays to teach a little kid(He dared not go against Kaori’s almost violent insistence). The small hand tries to follow the big hand play on the keys. Nothing is said. Just the melodious tune slowly overpower the listener’s soul.

This scene is a reminder of Saki teaching Kousei when he was a kid. But instead of explicit affection, he was taught with strictness. But thankfully Kousei is seen as one of the kindest teachers ever, unlike his mother.

Tsubaki and Watari

 They are friends of Kousei. They have been together since childhood. It is later revealed that Tsubaki was always in love with Kaori. They introduced Kousei to Kaori in the first place.

Watari was always there for Kousei. He is the one who encouraged Kousei to tell Kaori how feels.

Sound of music

the main characters of your lie in april
From left to right: Ryōta Watari, Kaori Miyazono, Kōsei Arima, Tsubaki Sawabe

The show offers an eruption of artistic energy that heals our protagonist. When he attends Kaori’s violin show for the first time, he is stunned. He goes on to say: This is not Beethoven’s anymore. Right now, right here she owns it“. 

Kousei once again comes in touch with the melodies, through Kaori. This time he explores it to the utmost. He plays as he has never played before, wholeheartedly.

The show focuses on the healing power of art as well as its capability to set our wounded souls free towards higher achievements. 

The beauty of lies

As the title suggests, the series pivots around lies. But these lies are not what we are familiar with. The series offers a beautiful way to look at a lie. Breaking the cliche of lies as extensions of hatred and deception shows that lies have the potential to be beautiful, just like the truth. Sometimes it is more important than the truth itself.

The two lies that Kaori told make us love her even more. Her first lie was that she was not in Love with Kousei and the second was that her health was fine, whereas she knew she was terminally ill.

She didn’t let anyone or anything get in her way of living life. She lived to the fullest, even after knowing she was dying. She didn’t let even death stand in her and her passionate love for music. She was a true artist in the truest sense of the word.

Your Lie in April Season 2

After the first season created a storm of responses, a second season is in the talks. A lot of fans are not sure about it though. To them, the series is faultlessly perfect and to them, any other take or storyline in the show will ruin the pristine beauty of this art venture. 

Availability of Your Lie in April Season 2

The show can be watched on Hulu, Aniplex, and Netflix.

The conclusion

Shows like this one don’t take place frequently. Once again, it highlights the potential of the manga and anime series. Especially the way the expressions and moods of the characters are shown brilliantly. 

If you haven’t watched it already, well, you can always watch it on the above-mentioned platforms. If you need to ask any questions or have queries relating to this show then you can use the comment section and stay tuned for further updates.

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