Your Child’s Safety Matters: Simple Steps to Enable Parental Controls!


Swarnali Datta

If a millennial is asked to summarize childhood, he/she will hand down a long list that would comprise a considerable number of cartoon shows, unquestionably a variety of outdoor and indoor games, exploring new hobbies every day and what not! It might include everything in this world apart from mobile phones.

On the other hand, when we now see a GenZ kid, the only thing that we can talk about is their unrestrained use of mobile phones. But are they to be blamed for this? Probably not.

The present scenario

Standing in 2022, it can be said beyond a shadow of doubt that technology has effortlessly carved its steadfast presence in our daily life. In fact, not just among the working population but even among kids, technology is now a quintessential element. Plus, families nowadays are really compact with mostly the parents and the child. Often the child when his/her parents aren’t home feels the absence of a companion to talk to. Here comes the usage of smartphones.

Alongside that, having a smartphone is now a growing trend among kids. Youngsters want their own smartphones in order to use social media, play games with their pals, do homework projects on the internet, watch educational and entertaining content, and stream movies and TV shows.

Considering the dangers lurking on the internet, some kids might innocently come across adult sites while using the internet or can even get contacted by sexual predators. As parents, it is advisable to learn how to put parental controls on the smartphone of your kids to protect them from any kind of unwanted exposure.

Ways to put parental control on your kid’s smartphone

Using a Parent Control App on Android phone

An app of parental control can shield children from cybercrime. One of the best methods to manage and control what your kids do and see online is – by using a parental control system. A considerable number of parental controls apps are available in the market; choose any of them and follow the following steps to activate that.

Step 1: After installing the app, sign up for the service by choosing your suitable pricing plan.

Step 2: You can even install it on your child’s Android phone.

Step 3: Now log into the control panel and keep a tab on your child’s device usage and track every aspect including calls, texts, location, online browsing, social media accounts, etc.

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Restrict the usage of in-built apps on iPhone

The use of in-built programs or features can be limited. On disabling an app or function, the in-built app remains installed; it is just momentarily hidden from your Home Screen. For instance, if you disable Mail, it won’t show up on your Home Screen until you enable it again.

To modify your list of permitted applications, select “Screen Time” under Settings.

  •       Click on Content and Privacy Restrictions.
  •       Enter the passcode for Screen Time.
  •       Click on Allowed Apps.
  •       Decide which apps you wish to approve.

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Filter website content

In order to restrict access to adult content in Safari and other apps on your device, iOS and iPadOS include the feature to automatically filter website content. You can also restrict access to only authorized websites, add certain websites to an approved or prohibited list, or both. Follow these steps to implement this:

  •       Click “Screen Time” under Settings.
  •       Enter your Screen Time passcode once you have selected Content & Privacy Controls.
  •       Then select “Web Content” under Content Restrictions. Certain adult websites are now limited.
  •       You might need to provide information, such as the website you want to prohibit, depending on the access you allow.

Apart from these, you can also restrict Alexa or Siri search, game centre and others.

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Summing it up

The goal of smartphones is to make our lives a tad easier and benefit everyone.  But then at the end of the day, it’s just another tech tool lacking all the sensibility and sensitivity of a human being. Technology might want to poke its artificiality everywhere but it’s on us if we’ll let something mechanical get in the way of the pure and innocent hearts.

We hope this article could provide you a better insight of employing parental controls on your child’s smartphone! Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and do not forget to visit trendingnewsbuzz for more mind-boggling updates.