Young Wallander Season 2: Coming in February 2022!


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Waiting for season 2 of Young Wallander to Netflix? If yes, then here is the good news regarding the Young Wallander. It means modern day Wallander is coming back or returning for season 2 on February 17, 2022.

Is a good crime drama series which received mixed reviews from the critics and after all these things the great news came which is based on the popular Henning Mankell franchise.

The show is popular in Sweden and almost stays in the top 10. The drama was released in many other countries and in the USA the series remains for 3 days in top 10s and in the United Kingdom it remains for 8.

Today, on January 18, 2022 the title is also given by the Netflix for its season 2 and it is Young Wallander: Killer’s Shadow and here is the new teaser caption.

“Is it possible to go back after you thought you’d left everything behind? Kurt Wallander will dive into a new case in “Young Wallander: Killer’s Shadow”.

Along with this other things are also received for this new season-

“I think the new case will be more lively, more exciting and even more gripping. We go further and the story widens when we get to know Reza, Rask, Mona and other characters even more. It is as if we have found a home: We know the universe and the characters better, we know which color palette we should paint with and with which touch.”

In the new season you may see that he will return as he accepts the proposal of doing a task of solving a case which looks simple and it is the incident that happens outside the busy nightclub.

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Young Wallander Season 2: Release Date

young wallander season 2

All are curious to know when Young Wallander started to air or stream on Netflix. So the release date of this series for the new season is announced and it is coming on February 17, 2022 or you can say the next month of this year. The new season will also consist of 6 episodes in it but at this time each episode running time is not announced.

Who is Coming Back in Young Wallander’s Season 2?

At the time of writing we can’t say that all cast members are returning but 2 of the cast members are confirmed and they are Adam Palsson and Yasen Atour who are returning back in Young Wallander’s season 2 to play their roles of Kurt Wallander and Reza Al-Rahman.

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There are other new faces who are cast in season 2 of Young Wallander and these are-

Tomiwa Edun as Samuel Osei. Tomiwa played many roles in so many different series on Netflix.

Lisa Hammond will play Roberta Modin.

Where to Watch the Young Wallander Series?

You can stream this crime drama on Netflix, Prime Video , Vore and on a few more platforms.

young wallander season 2


Young Wallander is a good drama which received 6.8 ratings on IMDB out of 10 and got 64% on Rotten Tomatoes. But finally its new season is arriving on Netflix from February, 17, 2022.

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