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Read To Know All About Young Royal Season 2 Cast, Plot Etc

How soon can we expect season 2 of Young Royals to come out? The Swedish series, which is known to be a success, came out on Netflix on July 1, 2021. After 10 days, it spent a week on Netflix’s Top 10 list, where it was watched for more than nine million hours.

Rotten Tomatoes says that 99% of people liked it. It was chosen for a Ria Award, which is given by the Swedish Film and TV Producers’ Association to honour the best Scandinavian TV.

What Is The Series All About

The series is about Prince Wilhelm of Sweden, who is played by Edvin Ryding. After causing a scandal in a club, he is forced to go to an elite boarding school. As he gets used to his new surroundings, he starts to fall in love with Simon Eriksson, who is played by Omar Rudberg.

People want to know when Young Royals season 2 will come out because season 1 was so popular, so we’ll try to find out or at least make some guesses.

When Season 2 Of Young Royals Will Come Out

Young Royals was recently picked up for a second season on Netflix, and the company teased that it would be available in 2022. On July 1, Netflix said on its official Twitter page that the second season would come out in November 2022.

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The teen series is set to come out in November, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that it will. We definitely want Young Royals season 2 to come out as soon as possible.

What About The Leaked Report

Young Royals was renewed for a second season by Netflix in September 2021, but filming didn’t start until February 2022, when a video showed Ryding and Rudberg back on Hillerska’s grounds.

As Netflix said on May 11, the process of filming has gone well. If they stick to their six-episode plan and don’t add VFX aliens, post-production shouldn’t take too long, but they may miss their July release date.

We thought that new episodes would be out in the fall or winter of 2022, depending on how long it took to make them. Post-production on Netflix takes about six months. So, the final release date will be in November 2022.

Season 2 of Young Royals is on Netflix

Young Royals is an original Netflix show, which means that you can only watch it on Netflix. Young Royals season 2 will only be available to stream on Netflix, just like season 1.

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You can watch all the episodes of season 1 of the show right now on Netflix while you wait.

What’s Going On  In Season 2 of Young Royals

After August leaks Simon and Wilhelm’s sex tape, everything starts to happen, which is not a big surprise. Wilhelm lies about being in the video so he can keep the crown. Things get worse when Simon leaves Wilhelm after Wilhelm asks if they can keep their relationship a secret and Simon says he won’t be anyone’s secret.

The leak of the sex tape in season 2 is likely to change Simon and Wilhelm’s lives in some way. They aren’t together right now, but it’s clear that they still love each other, so we don’t think that will last. But since each outside force makes it hard for them to get back, we are likely to see a will-they-won’t-they situation.

In the next season, August is also likely to become close with his sister, Sara. We think Simon and Felice will not be happy with Sarah’s new boyfriend, since he leaked Simon’s sex tape.

Young Royals star Omar Rudberg, who plays Simon, hinted that the drama would get even more intense in the second season.

What Lisa Ambjorn Has To Say

In a previous interview with The Next Rush Magazine, Lisa Ambjorn said, “A lot of storylines were cut short in season one, as is always the case, and I’m a writer who has trouble trying to cram too much in any way. So I think we haven’t even started to talk about some of the themes and character changes, so there is still a lot to unpack.”

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She said, “It’s a story about what happens when someone starts to challenge a power structure that has been in place for a long time. Since men have always been in charge, it seemed like the right choice to focus on masculinity.” You could almost say that Wilhelm, Simon, and August are in a triangle drama because August and Simon compete for Wilhelm’s attention and pull and push him in different ways.

Watch The Second Season Of The Young Royals In Action

Wilhelm was thrown off by the leaking sex tape, but he hasn’t been sent to any other random boarding schools yet. So, it seems likely that most of the actors from season 1 will be back, including Edvin Ryding (who played Wilhelm) and Omar Rudberg (who played Simon), Pernilla August (who played Queen Kristina of Sweden), Malte G*rdinger (who played August), Frida Argento (who played Sara), and others.

Prince Erik, Wilhelm’s brother, has died, so it’s likely that Ivar Forsling won’t be in the play. The story is likely to be shaken up by a few more characters, but no one has been named yet.

Cast of Young Royals Season 2

Here are the well-known people who played roles in Season 2 of Young Royals.

The part of Wilhelm was played by Edvin Ryding. Simon is played by Omar Rudberg. Malte Gardinger plays the role of August. Frida Argento plays Sara. Nikita Uggla portrays Felice. Pernilla August’s version of Queen Kristina of Sweden. Nathalie Varli, who plays Madison, shows her.