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Young Royals Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Trailer and Many More!

Waiting for Wilhelm and Simon to come back for the season 2 after doing breakup in first season due to release of their s*x tape. Is August is behind to destroy their family by releasing the tape of Romance of prince Wilhelm with his gay buddy?

There are many questions to be solved so everyone is waiting for the coming of season 2 of Young Royals as the new installment of Young Royals has already been renewed by Netflix officially but they didn’t release the date when the show is coming to continue the story from where it ends.

It is a good teenage Netflix drama of Young Royals which came out in 2021 in which you see the romance in the boarding school drama when the prince enters into the school after doing last night out and then next morning entering into the school where he has to follow the rules and regulations.

The first season of this beautiful drama has 6 episodes which were released back in July 2021 and now everyone who has watched this drama or the big fan wants the show to renew and come back soon. The good news is that the show is already renewed by Netflix and now it’s the turn to come in 2022?

But, at the time of writing the show it is unknown when the season will come in 2022 or we have to wait more until 2023 to watch this show as it is heard that production hasn’t commenced yet.

We are still hoping that we will receive season 2 in the same month in July in 2022 as the first season has 6 episodes so we are expecting a few episodes 6-7 from the new season.

When Will Young Royals Season 2 Come?

Young Royals Season 2

The first season of this boarding school drama came in July 2021 and the same is expected from the new season of it. So till this time no official release date is announced for the Young Royals season 2.

But I hope we will receive this drama definitely in 2022 as our prediction because the first season is small, so it is guessed that the new season will be few episodes and that will not take so much time in production.

Till then catch all episodes of the first season of this drama on Netflix.

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What Will Happen in Young Royal Season 2?

At this time the exact plot is unknown and we don’t know how the show will continue or will take turns and twists in the second season.

Young Royals Season 2

In the previous season you have seen that s*x tape of Simon and Wilhelm is released by a person due to which Sara and Simon are removed by Linda from Hillerska due to which Sara got angry and held her August is behind the release of tape.

Wilhelm did break up or ended his relationship with Simon to protect his family as his family is dening of his presence in the video. At the end of the season it is expected that all things will go right and he will hug Simon in public.

And with the help of Felice it will come to know that August and Wilhelm’s family is behind this release of romance tape which may be further disclosed in the second season.

Young Royals Season 2 Cast

Who are coming back to reprise their roles in the new season?

All cast members will come back to reprise their roles in season 2 except Ivar Forsling who plays the role of Prince Eric and he died in the first season episode no. 3.

Young Royals Season 2

These other cast will come back to play their roles in Young Royals season 2-

  • Prince Wilhelm will be played by Edvin Ryding.
  • Simon by Omar Rudberg.
  • August by Malte Gardinger.
  • Sara by Frida Argento.
  • Felice by Nikita Uggla.
  • Queen Kristina of Sweden by Pernilla August.
  • Madison by Nathalie.
  • Linda by Carmen Gloria Perez and many new faces will also come to see when the production of the series starts.

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Where to Watch Young Royals Season 2?

As the season 2 is just renewed so you have to wait longer to watch its second season but you can stream its first season on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and on Justwatch.

Here given below is the trailer of the first season-


Young Royals is a great show to watch and this Netflix teenage drama got 8.5 ratings out of 10 on IMDB while it earned 10 out of 10 on Premiere Date and scored 6.7 out of 10 on Film Affinity.

After watching this series, read and watch the latest dramas and movies on

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