Will Young Justice Season 5 Ever Get Renewed? How Did Young Justice Season 4 End?


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We don’t have any renewal or Young Justice Season 5 release date. Young Justice is expected to be canceled due to Warner Bros. Discovery’s ongoing restructuring of DC assets. The cartoon series does not appear to be returning for a fifth season HBO Max originally scheduled only one season of Young Justice: Phantoms and there have been no modifications to those plans since the season finale aired in June.

When Will Young Justice Season 5  Release?

Unfortunately, it has not been confirmed whether Young Justice: Season 5 will happen. Therefore, there is no official date for the show’s return. There is a possibility that it may never come back. This uncertainty is due to the controversial merger between Warner Bros and Discovery.

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This has resulted in the cancellation of several projects on HBO Max. As of now, Young Justice has not been renewed for another season. Writer Greg Weisman is also uncertain about its future.

Reason For Cancelation Of Young Justice

The first time Young Justice got canceled wasn’t because of its performance (it was actually doing great on Cartoon Network). Sadly, the second cancellation is happening for a similar reason. Even though the show’s third season did well and got renewed for a fourth season, the renewal was only for one season. Unfortunately, HBO Max has decided not to renew it for another season.

young justice season 5 release date

Following the merger of Warner Bros. and Discovery, the newly formed parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery, made the decision to cancel numerous TV shows and movies that were in development or already produced for HBO Max. Although Young Justice was not among the canceled shows then.

It was later revealed that HBO Max had no plans to renew the series for a fifth season, bringing its second run to a disappointing and quiet end.

Young Justice Has Been Canceled Numerous Times

Warner Bros. has a history of ignoring Young Justice’s brilliance. The series is partially based on DC’s superhero squad, which was initially made up of sidekicks including Robin (voiced by Jesse McCartney), Kid-Flash (voiced by Jason Spisak), and Aqualad (voiced by Khary Payton).

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The program was canceled in 2013 after two successful seasons with many interesting characters and intricate plots. Young Justice, however, made a comeback for a third season named “Outsiders” in 2019 thanks to a persistent fan effort. The show’s popularity led to it being picked up by HBO Max for a fourth season dubbed “Phantoms,” which aired in June 2021.

How Did Young Justice Season 4 End?

The finale of Young Justice: Season 4 left us with mixed emotions. Superboy and Miss Martian got married. The White Martians found a new place to live and the Kryptonians were finally released from The Phantom Zone. However, the most surprising twist was that Kara (Supergirl) and Mary Marvel became followers of Darkseid and worked for him as enforcers

young justice season 5 release date

The writers of the show have many possible storylines they could explore in the future. Supergirl and Black Mary are now part of the next generation of Furies. This means they are likely to clash with our heroes in the future. The House of Zod, led by Ursa, will also seek revenge in the fifth season. Ursa plans to raise her child on Daxam and harbor the same hatred she has for our unique group of heroes.

In Case It Returns

However, if there is any show that has the potential to make a comeback, it is Young Justice. It is still possible that the decision-makers at Warner Bros. Discovery and HBO Max could change their minds in the future. But as of now, the recently aired season, Young Justice: Phantoms, marked the final chapter of the show.

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