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Young Dolph Death : Updates You Need to Know Today!

Adolph Robert Thornton Jr. (July 27, 1985 – November 17, 2021), better known by his stage name Young Dolph, was an American rapper who rose to prominence in the late 1980s and early 1990s. ‘King of Memphis’ was his first studio album, which was released in 2016 and reached number 49 on the Billboard 200 list.

Young Dolph Death

Genesis successful track “Cut It,” which peaked at number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100, featured him. Young Dolph’s seventh studio album, Rich Slave, was released in 2020 and quickly rose to become his highest-charting record, debuting at number four on the Billboard 200 chart upon its release. On November 17, 2021, he was shot and died in Memphis, Tennessee, according to police reports.

Attackers Shot Rapper Young Dolph 22 Times, Autopsy Shows

According to an autopsy report, rapper Young Dolph, aka Adolph Thornton Jr., died from multiple gunshot wounds to his head, neck, and body when he was shot to death in November inside a bakery in his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina.

According to the report, which was prepared by the West Tennessee Regional Forensic Center and the Medical Examiner’s Office, the police investigation and autopsy findings justify the cause of death as a homicide. The report was received by the USA TODAY Network on Tuesday after submitting a public documents request.

In a tragic shooting at Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies on Nov. 17, Young Dolph, 36, was fatally shot while purchasing baked goodies for his family.

According to the autopsy, the hip-hop star suffered roughly two dozen wounds to his back, jaw, neck, and both arms.

Police Add Two More Suspects in Young Dolph’s Death.

In connection with the death of rapper Young Dolph, two additional people have been identified as persons of interest.

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Devin Burns and Joshua Taylor, according to Memphis Police, have been identified as people of interest in the November 17 slaying of Adolph “Young Dolph” Thornton, who was found dead inside Makeda’s Homemade Cookies, located on Airways Boulevard.

Messages on Young Dolph Murder Surface on Suspect’s Alleged Instagram Account

Messages that appear to be in relation to the murder of rapper Young Dolph appeared on the Instagram account of a guy who police believe is connected to the rapper’s death on Saturday afternoon, according to authorities.

According to Memphis police, Justin Johnson is sought for allegedly shooting and murdering rapper Young Dolph outside a bakery in the city on November 17, the department.

Local media outlets, including Memphis ABC station WATN, have stated that Johnson is a well-known rapper in the area who goes by the stage name Straight Drop, according to the article.

Young Dolph Death

Young Dolph Biggest Hit?

  1. 1 Scale (feat. G Herbo) Young Dolph, G Herbo.
  2. Major (feat. Key Glock) Young Dolph, Key Glock.
  3. 100 Shots.
  4. On the River (feat. Wiz Khalifa) …
  5. Case Closed. Young Dolph, Key Glock.
  6. No Sense (feat. Key Glock) …
  7. Talking To My Scale. Paper Route EMPIRE, Young Dolph.
  8. To Be Honest.

Young Dolph and His Girlfriend Mia Jaye Shared Two Children, Tre and Ari

Mia Jaye and Young Dolph started dating in 2012. They welcomed their son Tre in June 2014, and their daughter, Ari, in April 2017. In October 2020, Mia shared an Instagram photo showing how much the duo’s family had grown in six years.

“Look at us now… 2 beautiful creations later, years of growing pains later, years of lessons learned, later… kids healthy and happy & we still are pushing through showing up to our Call of Duty & Responsibility everyday… It’s such a blessing to look back on how we started vs. how it is going.”

In May 2020, Young Dolph gushed about spending time with his kids during the quarantine period. He told go that he’d turned into a bit of a kid again after spending so much time with his children.

“Aw, man, we watching movies, we having [toy] gun fights, we on the trampoline, we doing everything,” Dolph said. “Everything they like to do, everything they play, I’m all in that world right now. I’m just a big-ass kid right now.”

Dolph announced his retirement from rap in early 2020 before having a change of heart. He told the outlet that he got back into the industry because Tre wanted to hear new music. Dolph explained:

“Man, my little boy wanted to hear some new music. So, it was like, I can just play all my music around him, so I got to go ahead and make a whole project so I can get it clean and have a clean version of all the songs just so he can listen to my music, you feel me?”

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Mia Jaye Runs an Organization That Supports Victims of Gun Violence

The motto of Mia’s group MOM.E.O. stands for ‘Black Men Deserve to Grow Old.’ Mia Jaye remarked in an Instagram post on the 17th of August, 2021, that black males deserve to live to their fullest potential so that they can fulfill their life’s purpose.

In the case of someone like Young Dolph, his mission was to raise his children and have a positive influence on the neighborhood. In the post, it is said that “fathers who actively participate in the lives of their family give a consistent source of stability and support.” Jaye went on to say:

In advocating for all of the black males who are 20 times more likely than their white counterparts to die prematurely as a result of violent crime that occurs in our neighborhood… In order for these men to live out their purpose and have a positive impact on the black community, I am advocating for them.”

Young Dolph Death

Mia Jaye had the least to blame for the death of her young black boyfriend, especially given the effort she has done to raise awareness about the importance of black lives. By way of her organization’s Instagram page, Mia has requested that people give her and her family room and time to grieve Dolph:

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