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Youjo Senki Season 2- Saga of Tanya the Evil

Youjo Senki– is also known as “Saga of Tanya the Evil”. Do you like novel series? I like the most, and I hope the same for you.


As the 1st Season aired, all the fans (including me) are waiting for the next season (2nd Season).

In b/w I want to ask a question: Have you seen the 1st Season of Youjo Senki? If not then I think you should be familiar with the IMDb Rating of Youjo Senki.

It would help you to know how much popular and demanding is it. So keep scrolling down…..

Here is something very exciting about the movies and shows in which Villain becomes the main character and protagonist of the respective story. In our day to day life, we used to see the main character doing the positive role and becoming the hero. But in 2nd Season of Youjo Senki, the leading character plays the negative role……..So, it might be fascinating for you like me…..

Here is everything that you would like to know like the plotline, the casting characters, the premiere date, the trailer and much more.

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Youjo Senki Season 2

Youjo Senki Season 2 is one of the best Japanese light novel series. It is written and illustrated by Carlo Zen and Shinobu Shinotsuki respectively.


In 2nd Season of Youjo Senki, it is expected that Tanya would fight with Mary Sioux. Moreover, Mary would lose her family in the war just because of Tanya’s actions.

Let’s move on further to grasp the knowledge regarding the plotline of the 2nd Season of Youjo Senki.

What happens in Youjo Senki Season 2?| The Plotline of the 2nd Season of Youjo Senki

In Youjo Senki Season 2, the story revolves around a guy who never believes in God. He does not believe in the idea of an afterlife. But, he must realize all these terms when his life comes to an end.

In the story, there is a being called X, who calls himself God who plans to punish that guy for his skepticism. Sometimes, we know that a person standing in front of God does not believe in God. Some of us have doubts for the immortality of the soul. That everything happens with that guy.


This result in his rebirth with the body of girl named, Tanya Degurechaff. So, the story continues in the world. Despite this, as per the perception, Tanya must have natural death else she will go to hell because of her past actions.

She tries her best to avoid punishment and joins the Military service. She must climb the military rank table as high as possible just to achieve the goal.

Later, she turns into a soldier who is going to wipe out anything (obstacle). Also, she becomes fierce and dominates the soldiers and even punishes those who disobeyed her. For her rude behavior, she got a nickname called ‘Devil of the Rhine’.

Quite interesting story for me, I think for you also. So, let’s have a sharp look over the names of the casting characters.

Cast/Characters of Youjo Senki Season 2

  • Aoi Yuuki as Tanya Degurechaff.
  • Saori Hayami as Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov.
  • Shinichiro Miki as Erich von Rerugen.
  • Houchou Ootsuka as Hans von Zettour.
  • Tessyo Genda as Kurt von Rudersdorf.

We all know that characters play a vital role in the success of any show. So, above mentioned are the leading characters that are to be appreciated.

I am very excited to know the upcoming date of Youjo Senki Season 2. Don’t you? Give your valuable answer in the comment box.

Release Date of Youjo Senki Season 2

Right now, there is no official announcement for the 2nd Season of Youjo Senki yet in 2021. Also, we don’t know the probability of Youjo Senki Season 2 that when it will get the Green signal of airing.


As the 1st Season premiered in 2017 and the movie was released on 8th February, 2019. Just because of the movie sequel, all the fans (including me) started hoping to see the 2nd season. Moreover, there is enough material and content for the new season with 12 episodes.

So, we have to wait with some expectation for the 2nd Season.

Don’t you want to enjoy the trailer of the 2nd Season of Youjo Senki? I like to enjoy and hope the same for you.

The Trailer of Youjo Senki Season 2

By the help of this video, you will get to know what happens in the 2nd Season of Youjo Senki.

IMDb Rating of Youjo Senki

The IMDb rating of Youjo Senki is 7.7 out of 10 that show its popularity and demand among the fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Youjo Senki Season 2?

Youjo Senki Season 2 is a Japanese light novel series.

What is it about?

It is about a guy who never believes in God.

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Final Words

Youjo Senki Season 2 is the best novel series that tells about a guy who never believes in God but later comes to know the power and reality of God. It is a heart touching story for all the fans………..

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