You Won’t Believe Gigi Dolin Confirms Relationship With Divisive Ex-WWE Star


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Gigi Dolin confirms relationship with divisive Ex-WWE star Zachary Wentz known for his time in Impact Wrestling and now signed to AEW. Find out who it is and why it’s causing a stir in the wrestling world

Last week on WWE NXT, Gigi Dolin was part of a disturbing incident involving Jacy Jayne’s betrayal. However, it seems that Dolin is experiencing some love and positivity on Valentine’s Day, just like many people around the world. To share her happiness with her followers, she posted on social media to confirm her romantic relationship with Zachary Wentz, who was previously known as Nash Carter in WWE.

Gigi Dolin Dating Zachary Wentz

Dolin and Wentz have frequently been seen together in public, and they have even posted pictures of themselves on their individual Instagram accounts.


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Additionally, the two of them marked February 14th, a special day for couples, in a manner that was sincere, genuine, and wholesome.

What Do We Know About Zachary Wentz?

Zachary Wentz is an American professional wrestler who has been active in the industry since 2015. He is perhaps best known for his time in the independent wrestling scene, where he competed for various promotions such as Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG), and Rockstar Pro Wrestling.

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In 2018, Wentz signed with Impact Wrestling, where he formed a tag team with Dezmond Xavier known as The Rascalz. The duo quickly gained popularity and success in Impact, winning the promotion’s Tag Team Championships in 2019. The Rascalz continued to compete in Impact until their departure from the company in 2020.

Gigi Dolin Confirms Relationship With Divisive Ex-WWE Star

After leaving Impact, Wentz signed with WWE and was assigned to the NXT brand. However, in early 2021, he was released from his WWE contract. Currently, Wentz is a part of the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) roster, where he is known by his ring name, Zachary Williams.

Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne Partnership

Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne are professional wrestlers who currently compete in the Women’s division of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). Gigi Dolin, formerly known as Priscilla Kelly, is an American wrestler who has been in the industry for several years and has competed in various promotions.

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Jacy Jayne, on the other hand, is a newcomer to the industry and made her professional debut in 2019. The two of them teamed up in the NWA and have been working together to take on other women’s tag teams in the division.

Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne Betrayal

In a special episode of Bayley’s talk show “Bayley’s Ding Dong Hello,” a returning wrestler named Jayne attempted to repair her damaged friendship with Bayley. However, just when it seemed like things were going well, Jayne suddenly attacked Bayley with a superkick and then threw her into a prop door before stomping on her face, causing a lot of pain.

Although the wrestler Gigi Dolin appears to have no friends in the ring, it was revealed through a Valentine’s Day post on social media that she has a partner outside of wrestling. Dolin’s partner is former WWE Superstar Zachary Wentz, also known as Nash Carter, who was released by WWE in April of last year due to various controversies, including accusations of mental and physical abuse by his then-wife, IMPACT Wrestling star Kimber Lee.

Despite this, some wrestlers, such as AEW World Champion MJF, have shown support for Wentz. Before his release, Wentz had signed with WWE in 2020 alongside his tag team partner Dezmond Xavier, who was given the name Wes Lee. The duo known as MSK won the Tag Team Titles twice and the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic while in NXT.

Jacy Jayne About Betraying Gigi Dolin

Jacy Jayne recently spoke openly about what happened when she betrayed Gigi Dolin on the latest episode of NXT. Prior to this, there had been building tension between the two women, and during a segment with Bayley, Jayne finally lost her temper, hitting Dolin with a superkick and pushing her against a door.

Gigi Dolin Confirms Relationship With Divisive Ex-WWE Star

During an interview on the Busted Open Podcast, the 26-year-old wrestler talked about her actions and shared her perspective on the incident. She described the moment as “sweet,” saying that it had been a long time coming and that they had been teasing it for a while.

According to Jayne, they had planned the betrayal carefully, and just when everyone thought it was not going to happen, they executed it perfectly, leaving the viewers in shock.

From Betrayal to Romance: Gigi Dolin Relationship with Zachary Wentz

The recent news about Gigi Dolin’s romantic relationship with Zachary Wentz, a former WWE superstar known for his time in Impact Wrestling and currently signed to AEW. Dolin, who competes with Jacy Jayne on a tag team in the National Wrestling Alliance, was recently involved in a storyline where Jayne betrayed her.

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