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You Season 3 : New Fan Theories About The Neighbor In The Season 2 Ending


David Mudd

Season 2 of ‘You’ was as vicious as we expected it to be. But can you figure of the ending? We are to explain the theories behind the Neighbor In The Season 2 Ending.

About Season 2 

In the second season, Joe Goldberg moves from New York to Los Angeles to get away from quite a while ago. He begins a fresh start by taking another character by the name of Will.

You Season 3

At the time when he meets robust culinary chef Love Quinn, Joe starts falling into his old examples of creepiness and obsession.

Penn Badgley; Victoria Pedretti; Jenna Ortega; James Scully; Ambyr Childers and Carmela Zumbado were staring in the second season.

Watchers will know how the most recent season had a lot of twists as Joe Goldberg attempts to keep up his double role life. But, it was the last visual of the scene which left the people confounded as it was uncovered that Joe has a secret new neighbor.

Who’s The New Neighbor? 

You season 2

Warning – Spoilers Ahead

Well, now that it is clear from the last scene of season 2 where we see a woman reading in the garden next to him. The last line from the scene is – “”There you were with your books and your sunshine. So close but worlds away. I will figure out a way, a way to get to you. See you soon, neighbor.””

A lot of sources have written that Joe’s new neighbor is his mother. Joe remarkably never responded to Love’s concern regarding whether his mother was living or not before in the season and all the flashbacks to his childhood demonstrated his close and heavy relationship with his mother.

So, here it is the answer behind the mystery.

Joe’s Activities Is Exposed

Apart from this very major plot, we will see Joe’s truth being exposed through Forty’s movie. Forty might be gone. However, his script is moving around Hollywood, and on the off matter that if someone can join the dots at that time, Joe could be in a tough situation.


Forty may still be the key to exposing Joe’s truth. After all, his script adaptation of Beck’s novel, ‘The Dark Face of Love’, which figures out all of Joe’s crimes.

When Can We Expect You Season 3?

Well the new season was officially announced in January 2020. And it is said that You Season 3 will have 10 episodes.

So it is speculated that the upcoming season will release somewhere in mid 2021. Also the cast have resumed the shooting of You Season 3 after the long pandemic break.

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