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You Season 3 Netflix Release Delayed to 2021

The way You Season 2 ended in cinematic fashion was obvious for Netflix to renew the psychological-crime drama for the 3rd season.

Now the next and most important question is when it'll release? When you can see You Season 3 on Netflix. Well, unlike the previous 2 seasons, you won't be able to see the third season by the end of 2020.

And to know the reasons & latest update on the next season, keep reading this post –

New “major recurring guest star.”

In September month, we found out about a new member's casting in the next season – Dante. Who's Dante? What role will he play in You Season 3? Well, here's everything the makers tell about him:

“A veteran whose sight was damaged in combat, Dante works at the local library. A step-father to his partner Ted’s two boys, Dante is sarcastic, world-weary, and unfailingly dependable. We are looking for a Visually Impaired Actor – this includes LOW VISION (degenerating vision), LEGALLY BLIND, or Totally BLIND.”

Btw, Dante isn't the only one who's making the return; Victoria Pedretti, Saffron Burrows, & Penn Badgley all set to return in the next season You TV Series.

You Season 3 Potential Storyline

The two seasons we've seen so far were inspired by the 2 thriller novels ‘You' and ‘Hidden Bodies' by Caroline Kepnes.

And the 3rd book is all set to publish on April 6th of 2021. By the end of You Season 2, the tv series completed the follow-up to the book series.

So, from You Season 3, the tv series will have a fresh start. I hope the next season will live up to the expectations of all the fans it created since the release in 2018.

You Season 3 Release Date

After the first 2 blockbuster seasons, expectations are at an all-time high.

Many fans of the show want to know when You Season 3 will premiere on Netflix? When could we expect to see You season three on Netflix?

Well, earlier, You Season 3 was assumed to release sometime by the end of 2020. However, that was before COVID-19 hit the world.

Due to this disruption, You Season 3 that was scheduled for summer 2020, got delayed to November 2020.

And that too with strict COVID-19 restrictions.

Now, to watch the next season, you would have until the Q4 of 2021.

That's almost 1 additional year. If you can't wait for that much, don't worry, Netflix releases several anime series on their streaming platform. If you love watching anime series, do take a look at them.

Final Words

That's all for now. I hope there won't be any further delay in the production of You Season 3.

Otherwise, the release might get pushed to 2022. Whatever the final release date will be. We'll keep you update with all the latest updates of You Season 3.

And if you're interested in watching similar tv shows, do check out what if season 2 if you haven't seen it yet.

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