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You Can Get A Peice Of Docking Experience In ISS Now With SpaceX Crew Dragon Simulator


David Mudd

Crew Dragon is the crewed SpaceX flight NASA announced to be launched later this year. After near 20 years since 2011, it will become the first SpaceX flight to take passengers other than only cargo. Besides, a demo flight is scheduled for it on May 27. The demo flight was delayed from May 7 to May 27.

Falcon 9 rocket will take the aircraft on top of it from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The duty of the mission is to deliver astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley to ISS (International Space Station). After all, now it is possible for anyone to experience the docking of Crew Dragon.

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SpaceX Crew Dragon Simulator

No one needs to be an astronaut or a spaceship expert to experience a thing like this. All you need is a browser, Internet connection, and a little patience. SpaceX launched a web simulator in which you can dock the capsule with the ISS. It will be the actual interface the crew used for the mission. You have to make precise movements and keep the direction towards the green light.

You can pitch, roll, and yaw to keep the capsule straight while approaching the station through microgravity. It is a little tricky in which you have to make your own expectations according to the movements. The simulator is pretty much fun. However, this is also clearly a marketing tool for SpaceX. It will give a public involvement and keep it uninterrupted. Beyond everything, it is surprising that the spacecraft controls are becoming more like a mobile game.