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Yona of The Dawn Season 2: Is It Coming Out

It is not often that we see an anime like Yona of The Dawn. It is a shoujo anime, and a good one at that. However, since its first release in 2014 and its run till 2016, we haven’t heard anything about the anime so far. Whether it is even an active project anymore, we don’t really know. Fans of the show are waiting for a Yona of the Dawn season 2 since a long time, but have been terribly disappointed so far. Know all the details we have about the show in our article below

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Yona of the Dawn: About the Show

Yona of the Dawn
Season 1 Yona of the Dawn Still from the anime

Yona of the Dawn is shoujou anime. It began streaming in 2014 and ran till 2015 for a total of 24 episodes. After this, it had a few specials that made their way into 2016.

The anime follows the journey of the Red haired princess, daughter to the Pacifist King II. However, things go south as her kingdom experiences a coup, led by Su-Won the beloved crush of our very princess. The events following the coup have her running away from the kingdom with her friend Son Hak. As she wanders the lands beyond the walls, she is confronted about the reality of the kingdom that she had thought so safe and flourishing. This reality hits her hard. It leads her on her quest to find the legendary four dragon warriors in an attempt to take back what was rightfully hers, her beloved kingdom.

The show is a good blend of adventure and fantasy and appeals to its target audience. As such, it was a bummer when the studio went silent after 2016 regarding any further future of the show.

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Yona of the Dawn Season 2: Renewal

Yona of the Dawn Season 2
Has the season 2 finally been renewed?

So far, there has been no news whatsoever about the second season of Yona of the Dawn. And that is really unfortunate for fans of the series. Given the love the first season received, it is a huge bummer that we don’t have any release dates on the second season yet.

However, we would like to reiterate that this is not an unusual situation by any sorts. Animes go on very long hiatuses and then come back later with a bang. So that could also be the case for beloved Yona of the Dawn season 2 here. It is just weird that there hasn’t even been an announcement regarding a second season of the show in such a long time.

Added to this is the fact that the manga is still an ongoing project, so any adaptation into an anime always remains a possibility. The manga still has a lot of material and there remains a lot of scope of adaptation so that helps the cause of the anime in the way that it might just be renewed to keep up with the Manga.

Although many people believe that the show might just be done for now. And that we may never see Yona of the Dawn season 2 on our screen. And their hypothesis would make sense. It’s been a really long time and if the anime hasn’t been renewed by now, the chances that it would be renewed later are pretty thin.

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Final Words

While the renewal of the show is something that doesn’t seem very likely, all hope is not lost. The show might just renew by 2022 as a possibility, given the manga material. But of course, these are all speculations and must be taken with a grain of salt.

In my unbiased opinion, I would recommend fans of the series not to hold their breath over a second season. It is very unlikely that the show will be renewed after such a long time and it might just be time to let go.

Yona of the Dawn Season 2
Yona of The Dawn Season 1 still

Fans of the show may watch the show on Viz as the entire first season is available on there.

The show currently holds a rating of 8 on MyAnimeList, our preferred website of choice for anime and 8.1 on IMDb.

What are your thoughts on Yona of the Dawn Season 2? Do you think it is a possibility? Do you think it will be renewed? Are you a fan? Let us know in the comments down below.

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