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Yeontan Birthday: Latest Information!

BTS is made up of seven members, Jin, Suga, J- Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Those strange with BTS might wonder why the name Yeontan Birthday trended each over Twitter lately. For those who do n’t know, Yeontan is V’s lovable Pomeranian. OnSept. 7, 2019, Yeontan turned two times old.

BTS Suckers Each Over the World Celebrated Yeontan’s Birthday

 Yeontan is so popular among BTS ARMY he basically has his own audience. Yeontan is also known as “ Tan, ” “ Tannie, ” and “ Kim Yeontan ” among suckers and the members of BTS. For Yeontan’s birthday, BTS suckers trended#KingYeontanDay,#HappyBirthdayTannie, and#HappyBirthdayYeontan on Twitter.

 “#KingYeontanDay for being the stylish boi in the world you earn every treat in the macrocosm, ” wrote a BTS addict on Twitter.

 “ Yeontan isn’t just a puppy dog, HES ALSO TAEHYUNG ’S BABY, BANGTAN ’S BABY & ALSO ARMY ’S BABY HAPPY BIRTHDAY YEONTAAAAAN, ” another twittered.

 Jungkook from BTS turned 22 times old onSept. 1, 2019. So numerous suckers wrote to the songster on his birthday that Weverse and Twitter shortly crashed. RM will turn 25 times oldSept. 12, 2019. Like Jungkook and RM, Yeontan is a Virgo because his birthday falls in September.

 “ yes i love the virgos in bts namjoon, jungkook, and yeontan, ” wrote a addict on Twitter.

 “ it’s yeontan’s birthday MY VIRGO KING, ” wrote another.

yeontan birthday

Yeontan Stole the Show in BTS’s Movie ‘ Burn the Stage the Movie ‘

Yeontan’s first appearance was on a VLIVE BTS hosted for Jin’s birthday onDec. 4, 2017. V appeared in the background of the videotape and held up Yeontan compactly for suckers to see.

 “#RememberWhenBTS did a Vlive for Seokjins birthday and soon, a wild Taehyung appeared with a puppy dog and stan twt lost it, ” wrote a addict on Twitter.

A couple weeks latterly, V posted a videotape of Yeontan on BTS’s Twitter account, officially introducing the canine to the world. Since his preface, Yeontan appeared regularly on BTS’s VLIVE account, Twitter posts, and behind- the- scenes vids.

 Yeontan appeared as a puppy dog in BTS’s talkie Burn the Stage The Movie. The talkie premieredNov. 15, 2018 and showed the group traveling for their 2017 bodies Tour. Yeontan was so lovable , several vids on YouTube show the followership’s response to his first appearance.

The Canine Used To Live in BTS’s Dorm

 When Yeontan was a puppy dog, he lived in the dorm with V and the other members of BTS. The group developed a veritably close bond with V’s canine. Because of BTS’s busy schedule, V’s parents take care of Yeontan.

 Indeed though BTS is busy, the group is seen with Yeontan sometimes. In April 2019, Halsey uploaded a videotape to Twitter with BTS and Jungkook can be seen holding Yeontan in the background. In June 2019, V hosted a VLIVE for suckers and told them that he missed Yeontan because while he voyaged the canine stayed with his parents.

 “ I miss Yeontannie so much. Tannie is really quiet, but his conduct are loud telling you to play with him. My mama transferred me a videotape lately. Tannie saw a cat while on a walk and got agitated, but Tannie runs down, ” he said in the VLIVE.

 latterly that month, a addict encountered V’s mama walking Yeontan and uploaded filmland of the canine to Twitter. For suckers who bought the BTS Memories of 2018 DVD, there are several clips of Yeontan interacting with the group. The members of BTS also regularly chitter about how much they miss Yeontan when they travel.

yeontan birthday

Happy Birthday Yeontan When BTS Songster V’s Lovable Pet Canine Danced to Mic Drop Courtesy J Hope

 Three times agone, Yeontan wagged his tail and walked into BTS songster V’s life. After he was introduced at Jin’s birthday in 2017, the lovable little pet has given several memorable moments.

It has been three times since Kim Yeontan walked into BTS songster V’s life. The black and tan Pomeranian canine turns three moment and we can not stop gushing over multitudinous lovable moments he and Taehyung have given us.

From aww- good vids to prints that ultimately came our wallpapers, the doggy and the songster have been raining us with happy moments for three times now. still, suckers would agree that one of the stylish moments featuring the cute doggy came courtesy J- Hope.

 The moment was captured in BTS’ movie Burn The Stage The Movie. The docu- movie gave the ARMY a before- the- scenes at the band’s 2017 The bodies Tour.

RM, Jin, Suga, J- Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook were a treat to watch, on and off the stage! During the movie, there was a quick gem of TaeTae’s lovable pet. In the scene, Kookie was seen soliciting Yeontan to not pee on the settee. still, Yeontan went on to do just that and JK had to clean up the settee.

While the Still With You chorister was enthralled with that, Hobi snappily picked Yeontan over and made him dance to Mic Drop.” How you suppose’ bout that? How you suppose’ bout that?,” Hoseok sang while making Yeontan cotillion . The lovable moment was really one of the biggest highlights of the movie.

yeontan birthday

BTS v Aka Kim Taehyung Turns Emotional and THANKS Pet Yeontan for Enduring Pain and Being Alive; ARMY Cataracts Twitter With Prayers and Love for the Doggy

BTS aka Bangtan Sonyeodan has taken over Twitter by storm with their rearmost interviews. Each bone had a separate interview with GQ Korea.

The Bangtan Boys poured their hearts out and BTS V aka Kim Taehyung is one of them. He opened up on Yeontan, his pet doggy and turned emotional while talking about him. Yeontan is a pomeranian who’s suffering from some health condition.

BTS V espoused Yeontan despite knowing of his health condition. While talking about Yeontan, Taehyung revealed his health condition and has thanked him for staying alive and enduring so important pain.

yeontan birthday

 V revealed that Tannie’s air pipe is small and hence he can not breathe duly. He added that indeed short runs make him faint.” His( Yeotan) airway is small, so he ca n’t breathe duly. Just running for a little bit makes him faint. So, he got two surgeries this time, but they both failed. Now, he just has to keep his drug.”


 He also progressed to thank Tan in a letter and said that he wants to see an adult Tan.” To Tan, who indeed if it’s hard, is hanging in there and enduring. ‘ Thank you veritably much for being alive. I want to make recollections together for the rest of your life. I want to see an grown-up, Tan,” TaeTae bear said, leaving everyone emotional.

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