Yellowstone Season 5 Finally Drops Its Official Teaser At MTV Video Music Awards



Yellowstone is one of the most aspiring series on Amazon Prime Video that is already making fans curious about the successive seasons. The series debuted in 2018, marking imminent success amongst the people of the world. Just after the first season was released, fans were quick to speculate about the future of the series, as of now, the show has already concluded its four seasons and now, there has been talking regarding Yellowstone Season 5. 

Paramount Network has already released four seasons, but it seems like fans are not concerned about the show’s fifth season. With the fourth season releasing on the screen and bringing back 14 episodes. 

The audience and Critics reacted positively to the fourth season and there is a high chance for the series to get renewed. Besides the positive ratings, the series has every single reason to begin production for a successive season. The most recent episode of Yellowstone closes with 15 Million views, a big number in itself. 

 Chris McCarthy, president, and CEO, of ViacomCBS Media Networks, said, “Yellowstone continues to shatter records with more than 11 million viewers tuning in for the season finale, proving we’ve hit a cultural nerve—from the center of the country to each of the coasts—and still have lots of room to grow on linear,” he noted. “Our strategy to franchise Yellowstone into a universe of series to fuel growth for Paramount+ is already exceeding expectations with 1883 and Mayor of Kingstown proving to be two of the top titles.”

Now, fans are already looking forward to the release of the fifth season. The fifth season will see John, Beth, Rip, Jamie, and Kayce find their future in the next part. Here is everything you need to learn about the future of the show. 

Yellowstone Season 5: Is it Renewed or Not?

Yellowstone Season 5

Yellowstone is one of the most popular series on Paramount. The popularity of the series is already insane and after going through major record-breaking achievements, you should have learned that the series is planning to return.

The official Instagram page of Yellowstone is constantly putting clips of the series. If the fourths Evans was meant to be the last season then there is no chance for the team to do this, This is urging the fans to think about the possible season 5. 

Thankfully, Paramount has officially released the statement, confirming the renewal of the fifth season. But before the announcement, fans are assured that there will be more episodes for the show to look for. However, they were surprised to hear the announcement since the series has recently concluded and it would be too soon to jump to conclusions. 

Normally, the popularity of any show determined its chances of getting renewed. In the case of Yellowstone, we already know how big the show is.  Also, when the fourth season of the show ended, The officials immediately released the announcement for the fifth part. It won’t be wrong to say that Yellowstone is among the top-grossing list of paramount pictures and there is no reason to cancel it.

With their Instagram post teasing the hell out of the fans, we are just delighted to see all those nostalgic photos of the characters. Does this mean there will be another season? Well, you should wait for a while to get your hands on the confirmed news. 

Yellowstone Season 5 Release Date: When is it going to Release?

Yellowstone Season 5 Release Date Yellowstone takes away the breath of its viewers after releasing its most recent episodes. The show has already proved itself binding with the current entertainment preference while bringing the old theme with itself, With the fourth season of the show releasing this year, there is high speculation on the released tape. 

Paramount Pictures are yet to announce the future of the series, The fans are eagerly waiting for the show to get renewed but we don’t have any official confirmation regarding the show.

Just looking at the ending of the fourth season, everyone is assured that there will be another season (including you, right?). Checking at the end of the series, the showrunner got every single reason to renew the show. 

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About the release date, In an official statement, not the showrunners, said,  “Taylor is working on it right now, and I think we’ll be back sometime in July.” Now, we know that the show is dropping in the Summer, next year. Yellowstone Season 5 is expected to release on June 2023. 

However, we still need the official statement regarding the release date but we are sure that the show will be moving forward. There might be chances for the filming to begin earlier. 

Yellowstone Season 5 Cast: Who will be back?

Yellowstone Season 5 Release Date

In the fifth season, you’ll be going to meet with all the original characters of the series, The official is yet to confirm the cast list but here are the people who will be appearing back in the show.

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  • Kevin Costner as John Dutton
  • Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton
  • Kelly Reilly as Bethany “Beth” Dutton
  • Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton
  • Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler
  • Kelsey Asbille as Monica Long Dutton
  • Brecken Merrill as Tate Dutton
  • Jefferson White as Jimmy Hurdstrom
  • Danny Huston as Dan Jenkins
  • Gil Birmingham as Chief Thomas Rainwater
  • Forrie J. Smith as Lloyd Pierce
  • Denim Richards as Colby Mayfield
  • Ian Bohen as Ryan
  • Ryan Bingham as Walker
  • Finn Little as Carter
  • Moses Brings Plenty as Mo
  • Wendy Moniz as Governor Lynelle Perry,
  • Jennifer Landon as Teeter
  • Kathryn Kelly as Emily,

Yellowstone Season 5 Plot: What can we expect with it?

Yellowstone Season 5

Kevin Costner spoke in an interview and said, “People who think that one man has too much, there are people that know what they would do with the land,” he said. “The whole thing of all these people attacking this guy and he’s trying to hold on to it, and I can relate to that.”

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Moreover, the fifth season is going to bring new challenges for the fans. We will go to see what exactly happens after the end of the fourth season, The official plotline is yet to announce but we will make sure to update you as soon as we find out. 

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