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Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 1

The Dutton ambush is followed immediately by the start of the season. John notices Rip lift up in his truck while still semi-conscious and using his own blood to draw a description of his assailant’s truck. Kayce, who was under fire from assailants at his office door, killed them with a flash grenade. After calling Rip, who relays the truck’s description, Kayce departs with the sheriff and livestock cops. After a buying conflict with Market Equities, a company hell-bent on purchasing the Dutton property, Beth exits from the Schwartz & Meyer offices torched but still alive.

Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 1

Kayce directs Monica to go to the bunkhouse when they are back at the ranch. A masked man attacks Monica and Tate as they attempt to exit the cabin. Tate shoots the assailant as Monica fights and likely suffers many concussions (isn’t she still healing from a brain injury?). A second attacker’s body is on the ground, Jimmy is rendered immobile after attempting to ride a horse, and Walker is firing at a person as the two make their way to the bunkhouse, where chaos is raging. We find out later that Rip’s cabin was also set on fire.

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Kayce chases John’s assailants outside the Yellowstone, erratically t-boning the van at a crossroads. Each of the attackers—apparently armed militia—is killed in the ensuing gun battle. After being shot, Kayce later collapses by the side of the road (perhaps a dying Dutton motif for the season; be cautious near roadsides). His fate is still a mystery.

March 1893

A Dutton ancestor is seen traveling across their just acquired farm with two boys after the opening titles. (Y: 1883, the planned Yellowstone prequel series, is set ten years after the titular time.) The Duttons stumble across a group of tribal members from Montana who have camped there in order to bury an elder’s father in the natural environment. The present Dutton leader confronts them, then permits the tribe to conduct their funeral and provides them with one cow for nourishment.

The arrangement may have been a foreshadowing of the budding friendship between Chief Thomas Rainwater and John Dutton that resulted from Market Equities’ development plans. The memory may become a reoccurring plot throughout the season, hinting at the potential conflict between Dutton and Rainwater.

Back to The Present

After being in a coma, John Dutton awakens in a hospital. (Beth claims the doctors warned her that he wouldn’t awaken.) Dutton has a beard now, and some time has gone. Nothing about the Dutton attack’s outcome is revealed.

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A 14-year-old boy called Carter whom Beth encounters outside the hospital and whose dad is also there, suffering from heroin addiction. The child reminds Beth of a young Rip, so she follows him back into the hospital to see him bid his father farewell. “See you in hell,” he says. Beth performs her customary logical stranger hazing. The fact that Jamie decided to become pregnant with Rip’s child after Beth became infertile—something we learned about Beth’s infertility last season—and the fact that she was not able to rewrite her failed relationship with her mother both shape her adversarial relationship with Jamie and make her appear possessive of Carter.

A casino poker player who is at the reservation claims to know what happened to the Duttons and that he planned “the party.” On Rainwater’s orders, Mo kidnaps him for questioning and drags him through a field by a horse to find out the identities of his accomplices since he believes that anyone who is after the Duttons will ultimately target his own tribe. These instances serve to clear Rainwater of involvement in the Dutton assault.

Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 1

Jimmy, who has sustained a spinal injury and can hardly move his fingers but is still able to sit, is on the physical therapy floor when John Dutton departs the hospital. John returns to the ranch, declines hospice care, and resumes his work. Meeting Kayce (who also survived his roadside shooting). Despite claiming to have slain all of the attackers, Kayce is also coy about the attack’s result.

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Beth approaches Jamie, the still-in-office attorney general, accusing him of being responsible for the Dutton assault and threatening to kill him. She then participates in more logical stranger harassment in a pub before going back to Rip’s house. Rip departs in the morning to carry out an “evil” deed. Roarke, a hedge fund manager, and Market Equities stockholder is discovered fishing in a river by Rip. Roarke is bitten, stumbles out of the stream, and then falls as Rip juggles a cooler carrying a snake and opens it.

Yellowstone Season 4 Review

It’s similar to Succession in that it’s a rich family power struggle drama. But in a Western context, everything is different. “Yellowstone is a strong geyser that continuously explodes sequels