Yellowstone Season 3: Expected Release Date & Updates!


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Although the golden age of classic Western cinema is passed. A new breed of Western has emerged in the realm of luxury television. Yellowstone, the drama about the rising tensions surrounding the strong Dutton family of cattle ranchers. It involves clashes with hungry property developers. The nearby Native American tribe, and the Yellowstone National Park in their backyard. It is now one of cable TV’s most-watched shows. Fans are highly curious about Yellowstone Season 3.

The first season got off to a shaky start, with mixed reviews for an amazing cast hampered by melodramatic writing. On the other hand, Yellowstone truly found its feet in the second season. With all of the high-stakes tensions of classic cowboy movies. It puts in a magnificently gorgeous modern environment.

Yellowstone Season 3

It’s the type of program that you can’t help but get caught in. With a fascinating narrative, gorgeous images, and Kevin Costner starring as family patriarch John Dutton. The season two finale of Yellowstone aired on August 28, 2019. The program has been renewed for a third season by the Paramount Network. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just getting started, here’s everything we know about Yellowstone Season 3 so far.

When Is Yellowstone Season 3 Set to Premiere, and How Long Will It Last?

The season 2 finale aired in August 2019. However, Paramount had previously confirmed Yellowstone Season 3 renewal on the day of the second season. It premiere in June of that year. Seasons 1 and 2 of Yellowstone launched in mid-June. Nearly precisely a year apart, and Yellowstone Season 3 will follow suit. But with one major difference: Yellowstone will now air on Sunday evenings. Despite predictions that the first episode will be broadcast on June 17, 2020. Paramount has officially announced that the launch date will be June 21.

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Thankfully, the Father’s Day debut held up, and fans finally got to meet Josh Holloway’s Roarke Morris. It explore the bleak world of Yellowstone in the episode “You’re Indian Now.” Season 2 of Yellowstone lasted ten episodes. And the current season is expected to do the same. Although most fans prefer to watch Yellowstone on TV when it airs, you do have choices if you’d rather watch it on your own time. It’s not accessible on Netflix or Hulu. But you can watch it on Amazon Prime. The first two seasons are both available right now if you need to catch up.

Where Did the Second Season of Yellowstone End?

We’ll cover the Yellowstone season 2 finale if you need a refresher before going to the Yellowstone Season 3 storyline details. Tate (Brecken Merrill), the son of Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) and Monica (Kelsey Asbille), has been abducted, and the Duttons are on a quest to get him home at any cost. Teal (Terry Serpico) and Malcolm Beck (Neal McDonough) are tracked down since they are suspected of being involved in the disappearance.

John Dutton threatens to shoot them to get them to talk. Because Teal refuses to confess, Kayce fulfills John’s vow and murders him. Malcolm is prepared to divulge some information, although he does receive a few bullet wounds and is likely left for dead – his fate is unknown. According to the evidence, Tate was abducted by white nationalists hired by the Becks. He’s already been battered and traumatized when Kayce discovers him. But now that the mystery behind his kidnapping has been solved, he may finally return home.

Yellowstone Season 3


In a touching scene, John’s daughter Beth (Kelly Reilly) delivers a letter from her father to his right-hand man Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser), explaining that he’s giving Rip his father’s old ranch house in exchange for protecting Beth from two assailants. We can now go on into Yellowstone Season 3 with these loose ends wrapped up.

What Do We Know About Yellowstone Season 3 Plot?

With the season 2 finale achieving great ratings and cementing Yellowstone’s position as the top cable series of the summer, Paramount has huge plans for the show’s future. Keith Cox, President of Development and Production at Paramount Network and TV Land, says the network has big plans for Yellowstone Season 3 and beyond, and he’s impressed with the scripts he’s seen thus far. Yellowstone Season 3 will be even better and larger than Season 2; I know it. It will take place, “He told Deadline about it. Cox also claims that the series’ last episode is already prepared, that talks regarding a possible fourth season are continuing, and that the show will ideally continue for six or seven seasons.

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In terms of Yellowstone Season 3 spoilers, we don’t know much about the key characters just yet. However, Costner has stated that individuals who threatened the Dutton family in season 2 would face more repercussions, so it appears like karma will be served, and the Duttons will avenge themselves. According to the teaser, Beth and Rip are getting back into their renewed love. Fans are eager for answers as to why Beth and her brother Jamie (Wes Bentley) are so enraged with one other, and there are even ideas that Jamie may have previously driven Beth and Rip apart. Perhaps some of these speculations will be addressed in season 3.

Which Members of the Yellowstone Cast Are Returning for Yellowstone Season 3?

Today, it appears like all of the key cast members will be back for Yellowstone Season 3. Naturally, Terry Serpico will no longer play Teal. Still, there’s a potential that Neal McDonough may reprise his role as Malcolm – remember, if a character didn’t die on camera, there’s always the chance that they’re still alive. Kevin Costner may be seen in front of the camera on a few occasions this season. Costner stated in a recent interview with Deadline that he hopes to be able to focus on directing in the future.

He didn’t specifically state that he will be directing episodes of Yellowstone, but it’s a fascinating possibility. “Yellowstone… fulfills your promise to provide visuals and words that you will never forget. When movies are at their best, this is what happens, “According to Costner. “In the second part of my career here, I plan to direct a lot more of them.”

Season 3 Will See a Promotion for Several Yellowstone Actors

Returning favorites and newcomers will join the cast of Yellowstone Season 3, although some recurring performers from past seasons will be promoted to main parts. Forrie J. Smith, who portrays Dutton’s cattle boss Lloyd, and Denim Richards, who plays cowboy wrangler Colby, have been upgraded to series regulars. We should expect to see a lot more of Lloyd and Colby in the following season. Richards, who makes a brief cameo in the teaser video, has had a busy year.

He also stars as Elijah Adrieux in the TV series Good Trouble and in the film The Chicksaw Rancher, in addition to his work on Yellowstone (which, coincidentally, is also a Western of sorts). Smith has had a few acting hiatuses over the last two decades, but his supporting position on Yellowstone appears to be his sweet spot.

Josh Holloway Has Been Added to the Cast of Yellowstone

Josh Holloway will play Roarke Carter, a charming hedge fund investor with huge aspirations in Montana. Further ideas that may or may not include the Dutton ranch, in Yellowstone Season 3. “You can’t ignore him, you can’t just kind of lock the gate,” says Costner, referring to Holloway’s character as a “hedge fund baller.” Holloway is most known for his roles in Lost and Colony. This is where he most recently played Will Bowman. According to Deadline, Holloway’s role will have a “season-long” narrative. Therefore he won’t be returning for a likely fourth season.

Luke Grimes teases that Carter could try to make a play on Beth in the teaser, while Kelly Reilly expressed enthusiasm for working with Holloway. Perhaps Carter is attempting to seize control of the property and is hoping to gain favor with Beth in order to gain an “in” with the Duttons. Maybe he’ll turn out to be an odd friend for the Duttons when they’re up against another foe. In any case, the first elements point to a fascinating narrative path for Carter in Yellowstone Season 3.

John Emmet Tracy Joins the Cast of Yellowstone

In Yellowstone Season 3, John Emmet Tracy will play Ellis Steele in a recurring role. Tracy is most known for his role on the CW series iZombie as Enzo Lambert. He’s also been on programs like Supernatural and The Man in the High Castle as a guest star. Based on his character profile, Steele may be a severe danger to the Dutton ranch. Steele is described as “the type of guy who smiles while stabbing you in the back.” That is, after all, nothing the Dutton family hasn’t seen before. Will they be able to outwit him? Only time will tell.

Yellowstone Season 3

Steele’s business represents huge, strong firms in land acquisition negotiations, and he is the firm’s primary litigator. One of his clients is likely to seek a piece of the Dutton property for themselves. Will he collaborate with Carter? Is it possible that they’re rivals? To discover out, we’ll have to wait till the season starts.

Q’orianka Kilcher Will Play Angela Blue Thunder

Yellowstone Season 3 introduces a fresh face to the Dutton ranch. Angela Blue Thunder (Q’orianka Kilcher) is a Native American lady who opposes Tom Rainwater (Gil Birmingham), the reservation’s leader. Kilcher previously appeared in The Alienist and had a recurring role on Sons of Anarchy as Karianne Telford.

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She was most recently seen in Dora and The Lost City of Gold as Kawillaka. Angela is upset with Rainwater’s management of the casino, and she believes he is to blame for many of the issues on the reservation. She marches into his office, intent on unleashing her wrath on Rainwater. It’s uncertain if Angela’s strong moves against Rainwater will assist the Duttons. However, given his previous ambitions to buy their land in order to enlarge the reserve, the adversary of their enemy may turn out to be their ally in this situation. It all relies on how she handles herself in the political arena.

Jennifer Landon Will Play Teeter

In Yellowstone Season 3, a new wrangler will be sent to the Dutton ranch. Teeter, a skilled wrangler who is a little rough around the edges but always gets the job done, will be played by Jennifer Landon. Landon’s role hasn’t been revealed yet, but she’ll most likely be working alongside Colby and Lloyd. Landon is most known for her performances in soap operas such as As the World Turns, The Young and the Restless, and Days of Our Lives, where she portrayed Gwen, Heather, and Hillary. She most recently played Amy in Animal Kingdom, a crime thriller series.

Teeter won’t be the first female ranch worker to work for the Duttons; after all, Rip had previously hired Avery (Tanaya Beatty) to work for them in the first season. However, she appears to be a no-nonsense lady who can hold her own on the ranch.

In Yellowstone Season 3, Eden Brolin Will Portray Mia

Eden Brolin will join the cast of Yellowstone Season 3 as yet another newcomer. Mia, a barrel racer who connects with the bunkhouse lads, is a recurrent character. There isn’t much information about her character yet, but we’ll have to wait until Yellowstone Season 3 to see how her tale unfolds. Brolin is currently in the midst of a really exciting period in her career.

She just wrapped filming for the independent film Arkansas, in which she co-stars with Liam Hemsworth and Vince Vaughn. She’ll also star alongside Dylan Sprouse in the forthcoming independent flick Tyger Tyger. Brolin is most known for his role as Charlie in the Freeform series. Beyond, in which a young man recovers from a coma to discover that he possesses unexplainable abilities that link him to a sinister plot. Her work on Yellowstone is simply another indication that she’s a rising independent talent to watch in the next year. Karen Pittman has been cast as Willa Hays in Yellowstone.

Michael Loccisano

Karen Pittman has been announced to play a big part in Yellowstone Season 3. Willa Hays, the CEO of Metro Capital, will be her character. She’s well-dressed, aggressive, and unyielding in her demands. She now wants something from John Dutton, and she’ll go to any length to get it. Ellis Steele may be representing her in her attempt to purchase the Dutton’s property. It’s still up in the air at this time, but it makes sense based on their character profiles. Pittman just concluded filming for two future shows, Living With Yourself and The Morning Show, both of which will be broadcast in 2019.

You might remember her from Marvel and Netflix’s Luke Cage as Priscilla Ridley or The Americans as Lisa. With so many new female characters arriving at Yellowstone Season 3, it appears that the ladies will be in charge. Overall, it’s shaping up to be a fantastic follow-up to the enthralling second season.

How Will Yellowstone Season 3 Differ From Season 2?

From season 2 to season 3, it appears that the tone of Yellowstone will change. The writers stated they didn’t play it safe this season in a promotional film published on Christmas Day 2019, and the actors suggested that fans are in for some unexpected shocks. Yellowstone Season 3 will begin slowly, according to the cast: It will be a “slow burn” at first, according to Josh Holloway, but things will heat up as the season develops, leading to some significant discoveries and surprises. According to Wes Bentley, this season will “get into certain areas that everyone has been begging us to look into, that we’ve been wanting to dive into,” according to Wes Bentley.

Basically, there will be a lot of tension simmering beneath the surface for a few episodes until things explode. Fans who are concerned that the program may not feel the same this season should rest assured that they are in for a fantastic season — after all, Luke Grimes has stated that Yellowstone Season 3 is his favorite so far.

Will Season 4 of Yellowstone Get Renewed?

Good news for Yellowstone fans: you won’t have to wait until the conclusion of Yellowstone Season 3 to find out whether the network will order fresh episodes. Even though the season finale ends on a cliffhanger, you’ll surely get to see what happens next because Yellowstone has already been renewed for a fourth season by Paramount.

Normally, fans would have to wait a little longer for information on future seasons of the program. Still, it’s evident that Paramount expects Yellowstone Season 3 to be just as successful as season 2. It’s no surprise that Paramount wants to keep the Yellowstone series alive, given its success and audience statistics. If you’re already interested in what will happen in Season 4, you’ll have to wait a while—production on these upcoming episodes hasn’t started yet, and you won’t see any spoilers for a long time.

What Do We Know About Yellowstone Season 3’s Opening Episode?

Some early leaks are circulating regarding the first episode of Yellowstone Season 3— in fact, the first episode’s broad premise has already been verified via the show’s IMDb page — and it appears that fans have a lot to look forward to. So, what can fans expect from the first episode of the season? The Duttons will immediately find themselves in a legal struggle with the local administration, and they are at risk of losing their home. Kacey is fighting to overcome his issues from the past and choose his position in the family’s future. Meanwhile, Beth attempts to analyze her feelings for Rip, and the two are rekindling their romance, as the teaser implied.

Wrapping Up

The third season of Yellowstone appears to be set to begin on a devastating note. In this debut episode, the stakes are high for every member of the Dutton family — and their adversaries — which will establish the groundwork for an epic run.