Yellowstone Cast: Looks So Familiar


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Originally conceived as a small, lengthy cable series starring a big-name actor, Paramount Network’s thrilling neo-Western tale Yellowstone has grown into a rating powerhouse that ranks among the most viewed programs on television. As series creator Taylor Sheridan (Sicario, Hell or High Water, and Wind River) tells an epic narrative of a rancher family struggling to maintain their property while tying it all together in a real web of political intrigue and classic Western mythos, the show has become a critical success on television.

Yellowstone Cast

However, while the premise is amazing and the action is gory, there is no doubt that the series’ phenomenally brilliant ensemble is a large part of what is keeping its watching numbers continually on the increase. However, while the majority of the people featured in the series aren’t exactly A-list celebrities, they have contributed to a number of high-profile films and television shows. Consequently, if there’s a certain face that you recognize from somewhere else, here’s why the cast of Yellowstone appears to be so familiar.

Kevin Costner Is a Hollywood Legend

Okay, so Kevin Costner is the only name on this list that you should be familiar with. He is, after all, one of Hollywood’s most famous and revered performers, with a nearly four-decade career that has seen him triumph on both sides of the camera. However, Costner’s role as John Dutton, Yellowstone’s grizzled, steely-eyed, and hard-hearted patriarch, is translating to a new wave of small-screen triumph. His filmography includes The Untouchables, Bull Durham, and Field of Dreams, as well as JFK. He’s earned the right to call himself an “icon.”

Costner, on the other hand, is no stranger to the Western genre, having starred in Silverado, Wyatt Earp, Open Range, and his Best Picture-winning Western masterwork Dances With Wolves in the past. However, we are aware that Costner is best recognized among viewers with at least a little grey hair. Because of this, even if you were too young to see Field of Dreams with your dad, chances are good that you’ve heard of Kevin Costner from his role as Jonathan Kent in the DC Extended Universe film Man of Steel.

You’ve Seen Kelly Reilly in Some High-profile Projects

Kelly Reilly is one of those performers who has been on the verge of a big-time Hollywood breakthrough for a long time. Hopefully, you recognize her face. At this point, it’s almost criminal that she hasn’t broken through. The good news is that Reilly has been able to establish himself in recent years as a standout supporting actor.

A few more producers may notice Reilly’s imposing screen presence if she continues her razor-sharp performance as the only female Dutton sister. Reilly’s performance as Beth Dutton is dominating, with the actor giving significant weight to a fascinatingly deceptive character who would feel at home in a Shakespearean tragedy as well as Yellowstone’s Big Sky melodrama.

There is a good chance that True Detective viewers will remember Reilly from her role as the Lady Macbeth-like wife of Vince Vaughan’s aging tough-guy criminal boss in season two of HBO’s detective thriller. You may have seen Reilly in the first season of True Detective, and we’re sure many of you did, like Mary to Jude Law’s Watson in the first two Sherlock Holmes films or as Caroline Bingley in Joe Wright’s Pride and Prejudice adaption in 2006.

Luke Grimes Starred in a Very Different Type of Tv Show Before Yellowstone

Mr. Luke Grimes is one of the performers you should know better than you do. Despite his roles as Dutton Ranch supervisor, father, and former Navy SEAL Kayce on Yellowstone, he’s another one of those “on the verge of a breakout star” who are all too frequently limited to the role of a side character.

Although he appears to have been around for far longer than many of his fellow supporting actors, Luke Grimes is still very early in his career. We’re thinking that while some Yellowstone fans have taken notice of Grimes’ roguish appearance and steely gaze, many of you have no idea where the two of them had previously appeared.

In 2006, Grimes made his film debut in Jonathan Levine’s smash horror film All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, in which he starred. Two years later, Grimes made his television debut on ABC’s family drama Brothers and Sisters, but most of you will remember him for his famous six-episode arc on HBO’s True Blood as the kind-hearted bloodsucker James Kent.

Wes Bentley Made His Name in an Oscar-winning Film

Wes Bentley, who played Ricky Fitts, the drug-dealing, plastic bag-obsessed, would-be director in the 1999 Best Picture winner American Beauty, does not need an introduction. Bently, on the other hand, maybe a little more mysterious if you haven’t discovered it in the last two decades.

Actually, that’s an apt depiction of both him as a human being and his bloodthirsty Yellowstone persona. It is revealed that Bentley is playing Jamie Dutton on the program and now acts as the Dutton family’s personal attorney (and sometimes ranch hand). It is no secret that a number of the Dutton children have been through dark times, and Jamie is no exception. After a series of deeply upsetting events, Jamie has even considered suicide.

Yellowstone Cast

Wes Bentley, on the other hand, had his share of problems in the early 2000s, as he was covertly battling addiction and he was virtually absent following his breakout role in American Beauty. Fortunately, in the new decade, the gifted actor got his act together, producing unforgettable performances in The Hunger Games, Welcome To Me, Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, and Terrence Malick’s Knight of Cups.. In the event that you haven’t seen him in any of these films, you may recognize him from his roles on American Horror Story, a popular horror anthology series created by Ryan Murphy.

Cole Hauser Has Always Kept Pretty Busy

Rip Wheeler, the adopted son of the Dutton family, may be the saddest character in the Yellowstone saga. Cole Hauser plays Wheeler, a man who shot his own father after the merciless drunk killed his mother and sibling, with a visceral aura of austere, introverted ferocity. When the Duttons adopted Rip and brought him into their family, they discovered that he had a host of unresolved emotional difficulties as a result of his early life trauma.

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To help you track down Hauser, there are at least a half-dozen or so movies and television series in which he has appeared. As a Dazed and Confused fan, you’ll recognize him as Benny the football player. However, if so, you may have seen Hauser as Billy in Good Will Hunting or the lawman in Pitch Black if you’re not familiar with his other roles. In addition to his roles in 2 Fast 2 Furious and E.R., you may recall him as bad boy Steve Curtis or as Pinkerton Charlie Siringo from the ill-fated Lifetime drama series The Lizzie Borden Chronicles.

If You’re a Cw Fan, You’ve Definitely Seen Kelsey Asbille Before

Kelsey Asbille’s name is probably one of the least known of the main characters on Yellowstone right now. Monica Dutton, wife of Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes), has a difficult relationship with the Broken Rock Indian Reservation’s forefathers and elders. The Broken Rock Res has a boundary with the Dutton Yellowstone Ranch, and it frequently clashes with John Dutton and his relatives about who owns the land that the ranch occupies.

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On Yellowstone, Asbille is giving what may be her breakout performance as “powerful but trapped in the centre.” But we think she should’ve received her big break years ago. Before Yellowstone, she had a wonderful 18-episode run as Gigi on the CW’s One Tree Hill. She then had a winning 13-episode run on MTV’s Teen Wolf a few years later. Of course, Asbille was already on Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan’s radar after her tragic role in 2017 independent Wind River.

Danny Huston Is One of the All-time Great Character Actors

Character actors are professional supporting performers who best serve a tale by slipping into nearly any part and making them totally three-dimensional. And if you know Danny Huston’s career, you realise that the phrase “character actor” was virtually established for him. If not, we recommend The Proposition, Children of Men, The Constant Gardener, 30 Days of Night, Wonder Woman, American Horror Story seasons 3 and 4, and HBO’s Succession.

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Or you might picture him as Dan Jenkins on Yellowstone. Jenkins is frequently motivated by voracious avarice and a power-grabbing arrogance that has taken him into the area of ethically dubious, if not outright wicked, behaviour. As a character actor, Huston’s work on Yellowstone is precisely what we’ve come to expect.

Gil Birmingham Has Made a Solid Career Out of Supporting Roles

Mr. Thomas Rainwater, current chairman of the Confederated Tribes of Broken Rock and warden of the Broken Rock Reservation, is one of Yellowstone’s most shady politicians. Rainwater has proved to be a powerful opponent to the Dutton clan’s Yellowstone history, not to mention their claim to the land.

Yellowstone Cast

If you’re wondering where you’ve seen Thomas Rainwater’s actor, Gil Birmingham, you’re in luck since he’s been busy for two decades. Regardless, you may recall Birmingham from his arc on the original Veronica Mars or his role as Billy Black in the Twilight trilogy. If not, you may remember Birmingham from a suspenseful four-episode storyline on Netflix’s House of Cards. If you missed Birmingham in those films, you’ll undoubtedly recall him as Jeff Bridges’ witty second-in-command in Taylor Sheridan’s Hell or High Water, or as the sad father in Wind River.


On Yellowstone’s Season 4 conclusion, Jamie confronted his biological father Garrett Randall, finally avenging the attack on Dutton and choosing John over Garrett in a season-long loyalties dilemma. Yellowstone Season 4