XXXTentacion Net Worth: How American Rapper Makes Money?


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XXXTentacion Net Worth

When he passed away in June 2018, the late American rapper XXXTentacion had a net worth of $5 million. XXXTentacion was a member of the rap group XXXTentacion and the Revolution. “XXX” had a very devoted fan following made up of individuals who connected with his one-of-a-kind musical style.

XXXTentacion’s music was frequently influenced by the deep feelings of melancholy and mental conflict that he himself was going through at the time. His music defied categorization by incorporating elements of punk rock, hip hop, emo, trap, and indie rock, among others.

Despite his success in the music industry, XXXTentacion has been plagued by legal problems throughout his entire life, beginning with a spell in a juvenile detention facility when he was young, which served as an inspiration for him to begin creating music. These legal difficulties persisted throughout his life, and XXXTentacion was re-arrested many times while he was still active in the rap industry.

XXXTentacion was shot and died in Florida in 2018 by two unknown assailants. The bandits made their getaway after killing the rapper and making off with a Louis Vuitton bag that had fifty thousand dollars in cash. The passing of XXX was mourned as a terrible loss by the hip hop world, and the hearts of many of his devoted followers were shattered.

XXXTentacion Early Life

XXXTentacion Net Worth

The 23rd of January, 1998 found Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy being brought into the world in Plantation, Florida. Onfroy was brought up by his grandmother, Collette Jones, and at the age of six he had already shown a propensity for violence by attempting to stab a guy who was assaulting his mother. Collette Jones was Onfroy’s primary caregiver. His earliest exposures to music were gained through participation in the church choir and the school chorus; nonetheless, he was expelled from the school choir for physically assaulting another student.

After that, he got kicked out of middle school for getting into even more violent fights. During this time, XXX began learning how to play the guitar and keyboard, as well as becoming in love with rock and nu metal music. After struggling with feelings of inadequacy and sadness for some time, Onfroy decided to withdraw from his senior year of high school.

XXXTentacion Career

In 2013, with the release of the song “Gun/Flock,” he made contact with other rappers doing time in juvenile jail, including Ski Mask the Slump God. After that, he began publishing songs on SoundCloud under the name XXXTentacion, which he had already assumed. The word “temptation” is derived from the Spanish word “tentacion.” Following the establishment of the band known as “Members Only,” Onfroy issued his debut extended play (EP), titled “The Fall,” in the year 2014.

After releasing a few more mixtapes and EPs, XXX eventually left his job to devote himself full-time to his music career. In 2016, he began working on his debut album, which was titled “Bad Vibes Forever,” despite having legal troubles at the time. On the other hand, the single “Look at Me” that he released in 2017 was the one that truly placed him on the map. His career was set back by yet another spell in jail; nevertheless, he was finally freed in 2017 and has since produced several studio albums and mixtapes, such as “I Need Jesus” and “17.”

In 2017, Onfroy launched his “The Revenge Tour,” which had him performing live around the country. During the course of this tour, there were a number of incidents, including fistfights, stabbings, and others. After putting out his first solo mixtape, titled “Revenge,” he followed it up with creating a music video for the song “Look at Me.” His first solo album, titled “17,” ultimately went on to achieve the distinction of triple platinum. Following his passing, XXXTentacion’s music has continued to be made available through posthumous releases.

XXXTentacion Legal Issues

XXXTentacion Net Worth

Onfroy’s run-ins with the law didn’t end after his initial term in a juvenile facility for possessing a firearm; the charges were eventually dropped. Two years later, he was taken into custody and accused with a variety of crimes, including robbery, assault with a dangerous weapon, and breaking and entering. XXX was subsequently charged with false imprisonment, witness tampering, and aggravated violence of a pregnant victim in connection with the same case. All of these charges are related to the same incident.

In the end, he was placed under house arrest and allowed to go free. Following his release, a video surfaced that showed Onfroy assaulting a lady in 2013. The incident occurred in 2013. In the latter half of 2018, tape was made public that purportedly included XXXTentacion confessing to a number of crimes, including assaults on intimate partners and stabbings.

It seems likely that Geneva Ayala, XXX’s ex-girlfriend, was involved in the majority of these confessions. Since then, she has levelled serious allegations of abuse against the musician. According to Ayala, the rapper also made several suicide threats while she was watching. Those threats occurred while she was present.

Observers, speaking after XXXTentacion’s passing, have mentioned that the legacy that he left behind is divisive. On the one hand, he is credited for having “given depression and mental health concerns a voice.” On the other hand, it appears that he does not feel any guilt for the countless victims of his assault. In point of fact, he “brags” publicly about hurting other people in several of his songs.

XXXTentacion Contracts

There were rumours circulating in October 2017 that XXXTentacion had signed a record deal for six million dollars. Shortly after stating that he had signed the $6 million contract, XXX decided to back out of the agreement for reasons that are now unknown. It was subsequently discovered that in the weeks preceding up to the time of his passing, XXX had signed a contract with a firm named Empire to distribute his next album for the sum of ten million dollars.

XXXTentacion Estate Disputes

Following Onfroy’s passing, his half-brother Corey Pack filed a lawsuit against XXX’s mother Cleopatra Bernard in relation to an estate dispute.

In addition to his demand for compensation in the amount of at least $11 million, he requested increased access to a trust fund that XXX was rumoured to have left behind for Pack and two other beneficiaries. Jodi Kavney, Pack’s mother, took Bernard to court on her son’s behalf, stating that Bernard had concocted a scheme to steal the money from the trust and use it for herself.

According to these claims, Bernard was only intended to get fifty percent of the money that was in the trust fund at the time, and Pack and XXX’s brother Aiden Kerr were going to share the other fifty percent of the money between them.

Kaveny asserted that Bernard had “illegally and covertly moved” the full amount into her personal accounts, which she claimed Bernard had done. As a consequence of this, Kavney and her son are demanding up to $33 million in compensation, if they can demonstrate that Bernard purposefully stole the money from them.

The “ownership rights” of XXX’s posthumous recording label Bad Vibe Entities are also cited in the lawsuit, since they constitute a supposed entitlement to which Pack is entitled. It is also claimed that XXX has a vast library of music that has not yet been published, which will enable his family to continue releasing music for a considerable amount of time in the future.

XXXTentacion Property

It was stated in 2018 that XXXTentacion was in the midst of moving into a home that cost $1.4 million at the time of his death. XXXTentacion passed away in 2018. The home has a total area of 6,000 square feet and can be found in Parkland, Florida.

It is only a quarter of an hour away from the spot where the rapper was shot and died. The home was situated on more than one acre of ground and had a swimming pool in addition to its four bedrooms. During his final days, he was concerned with decorating and making modifications, while a construction crew was working on erecting an amazing security fence around the perimeter of the property. It’s possible that this was XXXTentacion’s way of letting us know that he was aware of the danger he was in.

In addition to this, XXXTentacion was in the midst of purchasing at least four residences for members of his family before the time of his death. This includes a mansion that he personally selected for his mother that cost $3.4 million and was given to her as a gift.

This residence was also found in the city of Parkland in the state of Florida. Real estate agents referred to the six-bedroom house as “the ideal venue for hosting guests” due to its size, which exceeded 15,000 square feet. A sensation of grandeur may be created by having high ceilings, a magnificent lobby, and a winding staircase. In the end, XXXTentacion’s mother did end up relocating into the household.

Real estate records later revealed that the rapper had acquired four residences in South Florida in 2018. These homes were spread out across the region. It is stated that all of these were meant to be utilised by members of his family. He put a grand total of $1.7 million towards the purchase of these four homes.

The first one set him back $420,000, the second one cost him $467,500, the third one set him back $385,000, and the fourth one set him back $500,000. At least three bedrooms could be found in each of these four residences.

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