XXXTentacion Family: How Many Children Does He Have? Age and name revealed


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It doesn’t sound all that heroic, does it? Nonetheless, XXXTentacion has already been alluded to as “the voice of his age”. He was brought into the world on January 23, 1998, in Estate, Florida, to impoverished Jamaican foreigners.

He died very early in life, which is sad because it blocks his followers from understanding the brilliant character he had. The rapper, who has two fruitful collections added to his repertoire (“17” and “?”), may effortlessly go to prison for attacking his pregnant ex.

Little Jahseh Onfroy, who goes by the rapper’s actual name, was to a great extent raised by his grandmother. She acquainted the young kid with the congregation ensemble and helped him foster an enthusiasm of music.

However, he coordinated a fight with an individual understudy and was banned from the party. He battled scholastically, and the young man before long exited school.

His way of life wasn’t awesome; he every now and again took part in endless battles, managed medications, and took vehicles. He entered adolescent detainment in 2014 and stayed there the whole year. The young man committed a furnished burglary in 2016 and was condemned to jail for it. as here we will discuss the XXXTentacion family.

XXXTentacion Family

Gekyume Onfroy (Child)

The late hip-jump artist’s girlfriend, Jenesis Sanchez, brought forth Gekyume, who is their child. Three days after the musician’s homicide, XXXTentacion‘s mother posted via web-based entertainment that his girlfriend was expecting their child. Jenesis unveiled the child’s orientation in August of that very year, uncovering that it was a kid.

XXXTentacion Family: How Many Children Does He Have?

Three days after his father became 21 years of age, the minuscule animal appeared on the scene. He was given the name “Gekyume,” which his late father begat. That signified “an other universe” in his father’s language.

Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy (Father)

Dwayne, the rapper’s father, put out a heartbreaking video three days after the rapper was killed. He admitted in the video that he planned to commend his child’s life and achievements following seven days of grieving his demise.

Mr. Onfroy is obviously satisfied of his child, yet it’s challenging to tell that he endeavored to raise him and support his musical ability.

Cleopatra Bernard (Mother)

Cleopatra Bernard is the name of XXXTentacion’s mother. Early on of 18, the lady brought forth her child. As she didn’t have a standard work and couldn’t bring up her child, she left Jahseh with Collette Jones, his grandmother. Jahseh was an upset youngster, however he most certainly loved his mother.

At the youthful age of 6, he showed up in the jail. As her mother’s lover endeavored to hurt Cleopatra, the kid then lethally injured him.

Arianna Drew Onfroy (Stepsister)

The more seasoned stepsister on the father’s side is named Arianna. She is an occupant of West Palm Ocean side, Florida. She isn’t dating at present. Jahseh and Ari managed everything well and Ari lamented for him when he died. She misses him still as she posts via web-based entertainment.

XXXTentacion Family: How Many Children Does He Have?

XXXTentacion’s Mother Posted an Ultrasound Picture After His Demise!

The inscription on the ultrasound, which was presented on XXX’s true Twitter page, read, “baby jah ? the heritage lives on ?‍?.” As per TMZ, X’s mother, Cleopatra Bernard, posted the photograph without offering further detail.

XXXTentacion’s Girlfriend Was Pregnant When He Was Accused of Beating Her in 2016!

The charges against XXXTentacion for supposedly thumping his girlfriend date back to 2016. She was pregnant at that point. He was accused of exasperated battery of a pregnant lady, homegrown battery by strangulation, misleading detainment, and witness-altering.

Albeit XXX later denied she was pregnant and furthermore rejected that the baby was his, the examiners could not have possibly documented charges as they did on the off chance that there was not a pregnancy. You can see that documentation here in the Miami-Dade court records. It clearly demonstrates that a charge was documented including a pregnant casualty.

An extended profile of XXXTentacion in the Miami New Times says he and the girlfriend, Geneva Ayala, began dating in 2016 when they locked eyes at one of the rapper’s shows. They both were the result of grieved childhoods.

The article depicts a progression of very upsetting fierce episodes, incorporating one with a grill fork, and that’s what it charges, as per Ayala, “he beat her on occasion, stifled her, broke clothes holders on her legs, took steps to hack off her hair or trim out her tongue, squeezed blades or scissors to her face, and held her head submerged in their restroom while promising to suffocate her.”

The rapper had not yet stood preliminary and denied the claims. However, they moved back in together in September 2017, the article reports. Things didn’t improve.

XXXTentacion Family: How Many Children Does He Have?

As indicated by The New Times, “They were attempting to have a baby, and when a pregnancy test returned positive, Onfroy was cheerful.” However, he later took steps to kill her and the “jit” (meaning the child) in the event that she didn’t tell him “reality,” expresses the article.

“Geneva f**ked my homeboy… She attempted to pay off me and my mother and my kin for $3,000,” he affirmed in one call from prison, while discernibly chuckling. “Quit accepting the motherf**king bits of hearsay. I didn’t beat that b**ch; she got bounced. Bye.

” He likewise guaranteed in a recorded call from prison that Ayala had never really been pregnant, as per The Miami New Times. A GoFundMe site that narratives Geneva’s wounds has raised more than $30,000 to help her. In addition to this, XXXTentacion has a good net worth with good income sources, click here to know more.

It’s not satisfactory whether Ayala at any point had the baby or whether paternity was officially tested or demonstrated. XXXTentacion posted nothing about a baby. Web-based entertainment accounts that have been credited to Ayala don’t show a baby or pregnancy, however the photographs are later.

The Miami article doesn’t demonstrate whether she at any point conceived an offspring. TMZ says it affirmed that a remark posted on one of the Twitter pages is Ayala’s. That page connects to an Instagram page with the handle “liar.” It contains numerous new photographs and furthermore remarks that seem to allude to XXXTentacion’s demise.

“Disgusting individuals are representing me. I couldn’t care less if nobody thought often about me however many months prior, I didn’t lose my life. he did indeed. it’s super durable. i’m still here.

XXXTentacion Family: How Many Children Does He Have?

Like how would you believe that causes me to feel? everybody expecting me to be feeling much better or cheerful?! no, i’m broken,” a new post on the Twitter page reads.


XXXTentacion abandons a fortune to whomever is considered to be his heir or heirs (he was raised by his grandmother yet additionally had a cozy relationship with his mother. His father was purportedly imprisoned and he likewise had a relative). As per Superstar Net Worth, he amassed a fortune of $2 million.

In 2017, the rapper released his initial collection through Domain Dispersion. “It debuts at No. 2 on the Bulletin 200 diagram,” revealed Vulture in a course of events of XXXTentacion’s career. As per VIP Net Worth, he procured $2 million through his music career.

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