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Xiaomi And Huawei Sales: Smartphones Sales Affected Amid Pandemic Concerns

Xiaomi And Huawei Sales: Coronavirus created a shocking impact on the tech industry. Leading companies like Xiaomi, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo are facing great losses because of this deadly pandemic. Depending on how fast the virus spreads, the global tech chain may have a massive fall as well as delays about product launching. For today, there are particularly two companies we need to look into.


Xiaomi Corporation is a Chinese electronics company. Lei Jun founded this company on 6th April 2010. In a very short time of span, Xiaomi captured the electronic industry with its amazing performance. And there is no place of doubt about that. It also one of the four companies (another there is Apple, Samsung, Huawei) who have their self-developed mobile chip.

Xiaomi And Huawei Sales


Huawei is also a Chinese multinational company. This company is known worldwide for its telecommunication equipment and smartphones. Ren Zhengfei founded this company in 1987. Now Huawei has reached 170 countries across the world. It became the second-largest smartphone manufacturer in 2019 (first is Samsung Electronics). Huawei is also one of the leading companies that are working on the 5G wireless network.

But beside coronavirus pandemic, Huawei faced a major hit. Trump Administration banned the company in the US. They brought the allegation of stealing espionage and IP against the company.

Xiaomi And Huawei Sales

Smartphone Sales Is Being Affected By Amid Pandemic Situation (Xiaomi And Huawei Sales)

China is the world’s largest smartphone market since 2013. But this market is falling because of the COVID-19 outbreak. It already affected the market so badly. Even if the outbreak begins to come in control it will take several months to gain the market up.  And this long-term recovery will not only affect China but also a global chain of supply as well.

Domestic companies like Huawei, Xiaomi’s Smartphone sales are dropping in global markets. Employees are working remotely. China was the first victim of the COVID-19 outbreak. So, the production of devices like smartphones, televisions, etc is almost closed. The authorities are trying to keep up with the situation, but it is a really tough time for the tech industry.

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