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Xbox: Xbox Series X Confirms Two Console Exclusive Games

Microsoft is planning big for its Xbox Series X gaming console. We already got many leaked news about this next-gen gaming console. Now they also confirmed to exclusive games that players are going to have in the console. Let’s take a look at those first two exclusive games that will be available in Xbox Series X!!

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Xbox Series X

No need to say, this one is one of the next-gen high-tech gaming consoles that is waiting for its 2020 launch. The other one is Sony’s PlayStation 5. Microsoft developed the device. It was previously known as “Project Scarlett”.

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Two Xbox Series X Console Exclusive Games

Xbox Series

However, Microsoft did an “Inside Xbox Presentation” recently. By looking at it, we can undoubtedly say that this gaming console won’t have any limits like Xbox One. Meantime, the two exclusive games that are spotted in the presentation are “Scorn” and “The Medium”. Yes! These two horror games are the first two games that will be on it exclusive game list.  Read further to know about these upcoming games.

About Scorn

It is an upcoming first-person shooter horror game. Ebb Software developed the game for MS Windows and this. Players will control a skinless humanoid in the game. They will only have two weapons which are Pistol and shotgun. The game has a gaming world that we can compare with the nightmare. That world is made of bones, flesh, and techno-organic structure.

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The Medium

The Medium

It is also a horror game but the difference is that the game is a psychological horror. Player’s perspective changes with their perception. Bloober Team developed the game for the PC and console. Players will control the character Marianne and as a medium can interact with two worlds – Real and Spirit.

Although these are not only the two exclusive games. But Scorn and The Medium are also the first two games that are going to be released for Next-gen console. However, stay tuned for more updates on the Xbox series X.

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