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Xbox: Xbox Lets Players Donate Their Reward Points To 3 COVID-19 Charities


David Mudd

Microsoft is allowing Xbox players in the US to help combat the coronavirus pandemic from the comfort of their own couch. They’ve announced a partnership with the United Nations Foundation and GlobalGiving for the same.

Xbox Players Can Donate Reward Points To Fight COVID-19

Here’s how it all works. Xbox players earn reward points for completing certain tasks or challenges. There are numerous ways players can earn these reward points, too. One of the most straightforward ways is to complete the limited time “Support A Hero While At Home” punchcard.

Playing certain, new Xbox games will also earn them points, as will completing requests through their Xbox Game Pass service. These reward points are gathered in their Microsoft Rewards account. Players can use these reward points to make donations to organisations of their choice.


It’s Linked To The Microsoft Rewards App

Players can become Microsoft Rewards members either through the Microsoft Rewards app on their Xbox One console, or they can go to to do the same. Donating 1,000 reward points to an organisation is the equivalent of donating $1.

Microsoft was already running a similar program with Microsoft Rewards members for the CDC Foundation. It’s the success of that program that prompted them to do the same on a larger scale, with the United Nations Foundation and GlobalGiving.

Beyond this program, Microsoft also mentioned the work that they’re doing in spreading awareness about the coronavirus. Through Minecraft, they’ve started the #BLOCKCOVID19 initiative.

Developer Mojang announced on their website that they’re dedicating their social media pages to sharing advice from the World Health Organisation about good practices that people can adopt to combat this virus. They’ve partnered with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and their partner, Heart17 in this endeavour. They’re also going to use the Minecraft Creepers in this effort.


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It’s Not Just Xbox Stepping Up In This Fight

Microsoft and Xbox aren’t the only big names in the video game industry that are stepping up to combat the coronavirus pandemic, either. There are numerous organisations and individuals doing their part to help.

Sticking with the Xbox brand, we have Steve Downes. He’s the voice of Master Chief, the lead character of the iconic Halo franchise. He’s also quite a popular presence on the website Cameo. In this website, fans can request their favourite actors to record personalised messages for a fee.

So, in typical Master Chief fashion, he’s going to donate all of his proceeds for the month of April to Project C.U.R.E., a medical relief charity.

Microsoft rivals Sony are also taking huge measures to fight this virus. They’ve announced a $100 million relief fund for those affected by this virus around the world.