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Xbox Series X: Microsoft Teases New Enhancement For Past Console Games


David Mudd

The Xbox lovers and gamers were already hyped with the release of Xbox Series X. Besides, Microsoft slowly released more information to make the players more eager. The new console is coming with many advantages and improvements. One of the major advantages is that it will support all the games from the old Xbox One.

However, some new reports say that Microsoft is not going to stop with that. They are going even deeper in this case. The Xbox Series X’s available game library will be extraordinary. After all, most of Microsoft products have a history of excellent backwards compatibility. Xbox One X was praised for its compatibility with the games from Xbox 360.

Xbox X Series

Xbox Series X With More Backwards Compatibility

Microsoft is taking a further step in backwards compatibility with the new Xbox series X console. It will run all the games from the original Xbox and Xbox 360. The thing making it more excited is that it will enhance the game’s presentation. Xbox series X will be able to run with speed up frame rates. Besides, it would not need an emulation layer to play old console games.

Xbox X Series

Old games will be able to run without loading times and image resolution problems. Engineers compared the gameplay using two monitors to show the original visuals and Xbox X’s enhanced graphics. Beyond all, the original Xbox games are also optimized to get HDR support.

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Recent games like Halo 5 shows much improvement with much appreciative HDR support. Even 20-year-old games get better HDR enhancement. However, all these reports about Xbox X are impressive. The developers are still working on increasing the game library that the new console support. Players having a history with Xbox consoles will sure be exited for Xbox Series X release.

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