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Xbox Series X: Boss Phil Spencer Says Console Game Reveals Aren’t Too Far


David Mudd

There is a piece of good news for all the gamers out there. The new Xbox series games will be out very soon. And no gamer can contain themselves. This news comes straight from the boss Phil Spencer. So it has to be right.

The only thing that is awaited now is the name of the games. This is something that we have been waiting for for so long now. And now that the news says it is going to be here soon, we can’t be happier.

Spencer has conveyed this information through his latest tweet. So we’re finding more sues about what’s next using what we get. So stay tuned to find out more about this. There isn’t much of a wait now. Read more about this.

Xbox Series

What Is Going To Happen Now?

Now the new series is going to be out soon. And Spencer couldn’t be more excited. He has expressed his delight in his tweet as well. And he has said that there isn’t much of a wait now. Now Microsoft had changed its strategy lately.

It has tried to keep you posted about all its whereabouts. So this shows the commitment with the company to the customer and his preferences.

The fact that we are going to have new games soon is very pleasing. The new commitment to keep the audience engaged has kept the fans on toes.

More Details About This (Xbox Series)

This series has not published many details about it as of now. But it will happen very soon. There are rumors about what we will get.

however, the only thing that can put a rest to these rumors is when Microsoft releases more information about this. Such as the newly revealed logo od this line.

Now the logo isn’t sure. But then we know that there is something beyond unique with this console. And that it will truly be for the next generation.

Xbox Series

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What Else Should You Know?

However, the coronavirus pandemic created quite some issues. The E3 2020 got canceled. And there is no sure way to say how the reveals will be provided to us. But then the show can be shifted to online platforms.

And there is ample opportunity to run it again. So there is going to be a big reveal shortly. We just have to wait for it. This Xbox X series is going to be about four times faster than Xbox one.

So keep your eye out for this one.