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Xbox Series X: After E3 Cancellation, Microsoft To Host The Digital Xbox Event


David Mudd

When Corona began its conquest of the world, many events had ceased worldwide. One of the new additions to the discontinued programs was the Electronic Software Association’s E3 2020. This was after it became clear that the corona could not be prevented from spreading for any time soon. Over 600,000 people attended the event held by ESA last year.

ESA said the decision based on the comments and health concerns of all employees, partners and E3 fans for their safety. The decision was a disappointment for thousands of fans. But the latest news is that Microsoft is preparing a program to replace it. The company is planning an event where people can take part online. It is not yet clear what kind of experience it will be.

Changes Due To The Online Event

E3 is generally a popular program, although it was down last year. But now a large percentage of people use Live Streaming to know news and announcements. So there are fewer ways to understand direct hands-on experiences and the opinions of developers. A program like this would save many companies from having to spend millions in studio setups.

Aside from these things, discussions are ongoing to give a new kind of online experience to viewers. Sony had already pulled out of E3 in regards to their Play Station 5 Release. Therefore E3 cancellation will not affect the release of PS5. It was also during this event that Microsoft planned to release its multiple surprises with Xbox X. Anyway, Live Streaming will contain everything you need to know about the Next Generation Gaming Console.

The Upcoming Sequels Of The Cancellation

The release of many items, including gaming consoles, is now in doubt. Problems with postponing events are getting worse every day. Over several months, Microsoft has provided many things about its Xbox Series X. So there is no doubt that they will try to make their new program even more attractive. Such an event can only be popularized if it meant to attract people.