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WWE: Tampa Officials May Close Wrestlemania 36 If WWE Doesn’t Act

Last night’s WWE SmackDown was very promising and was much awaited. The return of Jeff Hardy and Paige along with John Cena’s reply to Bray Wyatt after being called the reason for the latter’s downward spiral were looked forward to most by the fans.

However, one more reason why yesterday’s show was so different is the venue. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, SmackDown was telecasted from a crowd less WWE Performance Center in Orlando. Needless to say that the absence of the crowd has affected the usual ambience of a WWE arena. But the stars did their best to put on a great show for their viewers. Here are some details about the matches and highlights of last night’s show

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross

Banks and Bayley walked up to the commentator’s table where Triple H and Michael Cole were one with the microphone headsets. Bayley demanded Paige’s presence who was supposed to make a comeback on the show but couldn’t because of travel issues. Bliss and Cross then walk in asking for a match and thereafter it started. Banks made the final move with a Banks Statement on Cross after interference from Asuka.

Grade- C-

Michael Cole Interviews Roman Reigns

Reigns first talked about how weird it is to see the empty arena and then proceeds to address his critics. He was recently said to be unfit to make an appearance at Wrestlemania by his critics. From his words, it is clear that he won’t be paying much attention to any judgements thrown at him. “I’m taking what’s mine,” Reigns says.

He briefly talked about Goldberg saying that he is a part-timer, something which is not appreciated in the business.

Grade- C+

Jeff Hardy Interviewed Backstage By Kayla Braxton

Jeff Hardy had a small talk with Kayla Braxton backstage with numerous interruptions. He talked about his match later in the night with King Corbin who interrupted a few moments later. As Elias came in to perform a song, everyone departed.

Grade- B-

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Match

The Sunday’s pay-per-view match was telecasted during the show, a match which was won by John Morrison and The Miz. They also made a ring appearance later to get all braggy about the victory with their belts on their shoulder.

Grade- B+

Daniel Bryan vs Cesaro

The match was scheduled after they had a verbal spat backstage. Cesaro insulted Bryan for getting tips from Drew Gulak and they decided to settle things with a match. Bryan defeated Cesaro by pinfall in a short match.

Grade- C+

Jeff Hardy vs King Corbin

Jeff Hardy defeated King Corbin in a match that was short-lived. Hardy ended things with a Swanton and a pinfall. Although Elias did distract Corbin by playing his guitar, allowing Hardy to perform a Twist of Fury on his opponent. Hardy didn’t seem like he was in the best shape though. Viewers will be eager to see Hardy get back to his groove and deliver the kind of energetic performances he is known for.

Grade- C+

John Cena Addresses Bray Wyatt

John Cena has come up with his reply to Wyatt after the fiend blamed the superstar for his downward spiral. According to Wyatt, things have been going bad for him ever since his defeat in Cena’s hands in Wrestlemania XXX. John Cena says that he is back as he is concerned about WWE’s future and Wyatt is not a part of it. He wants to put Wyatt out of the equation altogether.

Wyatt too had a few words for Cena in the occasion. He says Cena doesn’t care about anyone but himself and his need to be in the spotlight. Cena wants to be in the centre of attention and he has been using WWE for that purpose. Wyatt wraps up by threatening Cena with great violence in Wrestlemania.

Grade- A

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