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WWE: AJ Styles disses Michelle McCool before challenging Undertaker

The last episode of the Monday Night Raw managed to make the fans go gaga over the chain of events that is to come in the future episodes. With an electrifying come back by Edge and the announcement of the return of Jeff Hardy and Paige, there is a lot to look forward to this time.

On top of all this excitement, the most anticipated announcement was finally made by AJ Styles where he officially challenged the Deadman for a match in Wrestlemania 36. However, he raised a lot of eyebrows in the process as he decided to take a few jabs at the Phenom’s wife, the ex-WWE Diva Michelle McCool.

Harsh Words For The Phenom

Styles didn’t curb his words when it came to verbally attacking both The Undertaker and McCool. He started off by referring the Deadman as an old man and used his real name “Mark Calaway” to address him, something which has rarely been heard during Taker’s decades-long career. He suggested that Taker should have considered permanent retirement after his streak ended in Wrestlemania 30 in the hands of Brock Lesnar.

Styles Plays It Cheap Calling Out McCool

His words only got harsher as he started to diss Michelle McCool. He exact words while talking about Michelle were “the most conniving person I have met in my entire life”.

He also went on to say that the only reason the Undertaker is putting his body on the line is that she wants him to do so.

On top of these disrespectful words, he added on by saying that he is going to make sure that the Undertaker dies in his hands as his wife is the one who is pushing him towards his grave and Styles will be helping her in the process.

The Reason

Styles’ challenge comes after the Undertaker contributing to two of his major losses. The first being the Tuwaiq Trophy Gauntlet Match where taker replaced Mysterio as the last contender to defeat AJ styles.

The second one being the No DQ match between Styles and Black in Elimination Chamber where the Undertaker walked in at the right time to single handedly take out the O.C and helping Black to secure the victory

The stage is all set and the final countdown to the major face off at Wrestlemania has begun. With Styles using such intense word against The Deadman and his wife, the fans will be eager to know how the Undertaker gets back at him for his audacity.

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