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Don’t be a fool, Don’t send us your article for review until and unless you follow these guidelines. Even, following these guidelines will help you to achieve your ranking too.

Checklist to follow before Submitting Sponsored Post:

“Write what should not be forgotten”

Purchasing 1000s of the guest post and writing 800 words article is something everyone does for their branding but can you do research based long article and that’s too with infographics and for sponsored post?

If yes, you won the game for your company.

To make your content outstanding, start focusing on following checklist:

“Feel the words of your article and then Write!” – Navn Gupta

  1. Add thought provoking questions within your article and if you start with thought provoking question, that could be a better idea to start an article.
  2. Use Anecdote (A short story that makes your content engaging that anyone love to comment.)
  3. Metaphor and Simile – Yes, a 6th standard terms that help your content to be an outstanding.
  4. Facts & Figures that add authority to your article.
  5. Add Relevant images, personalize experience and footage video (if it’s the demand of content) inside the article.
  6. Add Sense of Humour! Are you serious about posting article in trendingnewsbuzz?

7. Even, You can add memes within your article.

8. Readability matters alot to each and every user and that’s where we need to keep our paragraph           short and crispy. Paragraph shouldn’t be of more than 4 lines.

9. Even, Proper headings and formatting helps you to make your content readable.

10. Your article must be a bridge between trendingnewsbuzz and your website. In short, a relevancy is required to publish guest post.

Even, If you follow 5 checklist out of these 10 guidelines, You are good to go.

Now, it’s time to know – what type of article you could write for us!

Topic to Choose from Before Writing Article for TrendingNewsBuzz

As, we are news based website, you can write any article from home improvements to arts, from technology to automobile industry, from apps to games and so on…!

But if you want to see the main areas where we focus:

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For all the Guest Post related queries, you can contact us on our official email-id:

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If you are stuck, don’t know about lot of footprints. Here is the list that will help you to find hidden gems in tech, health or whatever industry you want to work in.


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