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Wrestling Veteran Claims He Does Not Want The Elite to Return to AEW

Last week on Dynamite was filled with a wave of ups and downs. As soon as the video went viral, fans started to share it on different social media sites and started to look for their thoughts. The video features the elite and how they wiped out the promotions. 

Jim Cornette came out and shared his views regarding the matter. He seemed to be not happy over how things have turned out and how they have imagined it. 

Matt Jackson, Kenny Omega, and CM Punk were seen to be hanging out in public after the big fight broke out between them. However, neither party has responded to anything regarding the matter. We are still waiting to get officially addressed because of the matter and we are hoping to see what possibly happens.

Tony Khan has also announced the start of the World Championship tournament. The audience seemed to be involved in the matter and didn’t know what to expect with their suspension. 

Not only this, Ace Steel’s wife gets suspended from the public figure, it has been reported that the fighter’s wife is banned from speaking anything regarding the elite and their fight publically. 

There have been certain investigations happening regarding the fight scene. It has been reported that Ace Steel’s wife was in the same room where the fight broke up. During the fight, steel sided his friend  CM Punk against Omega and The Bucks.

The other members of the community came out on the defense and one of the major setbacks that people experienced over the fight was learning the decision of Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy, who is a well-known person of the community has told in an interview that  The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega did nothing wrong during the AEW backstage fight with CM Punk and Ace Steel. 

After the statement was released, fans came out in defense and said, “Now if Matt gets in trouble for saying this we know he wasn’t there or is not giving a true account, but if nothing happens we know he was there and can take his word on it.”

While another says, “AND he lied and wasn’t even in the building and just admitted it. It was just sucking up and lying about Punk since that’s what these guys do”

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