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Wrestlemania 36 Could Be Cancelled Due To Coronavirus


David Mudd

Tampa officials have made a statement saying they will have to shun Wrestlemania 36 if WWE doesn’t take action. The outbreak of coronavirus has led to the cancellation of many major events worldwide. Any event that requires public gathering has been held off till the threat goes away.

In this precautionary environment, WWE is still not clear about their stand on the matter. But seeing how things are going, they may not be left with much time to decide either.

Word From The Officials

The Hillsborough Commissioner Les Miller has chosen to speak on the matter. Miller says “We came to the conclusion that at this point, we don’t want to pull that plug. However, we wanted to give it at least a week to see what was going to happen if WWE was going to do anything at all. If they don’t, at that point, I will suggest that we do come together for an emergency meeting to discuss what we do at that particular point in time.”

It is obvious that the government won’t meddle with public safety. The event was to be held at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa on 5th April and its postponement seems imminent.

WWE’s Silence

Needless to say, WWE is hampering their public image with their silence. For them to be quiet after major sports league like the NBA has decided to freeze may seem unacceptable for a lot of people. Maybe they are hoping that the pandemic somehow gets under control till the day of the event. The cancellation or postponement of the event will affect the business but the greater cause must be kept in mind.

The WWE SmackDown last night was telecasted from a crowd less arena. However, they are still promoting Wrestlemania 36. They haven’t suggested anything regarding a postponement or cancellation of the major event.

In this time when the majority of the big businesses has made their effort to fight the virus, WWE is portraying a mixed stance. It will be interesting to see how they go about this matter. Even though they have taken a step by putting on crowd fewer shows for their viewers, people are eager to know how far they are willing to support this global battle.