World War Z 2: Will There be A Sequel?



World War Z was released in 2013 and it’s been 9 years ever since fans have been wondering about the possible future. Even though Paramount has been working for the benefit of their fans, it seems like everything they said was a joke. Fans are doubting whether they should stick to the movie and wait for the sequel or should escape the thought of World War Z 2. 

The film features the zombie apocalypse and brings back the horror on the table. Adopted from Max Brooks’s novel that shares the same name, there has been pure delight when the movie was released. The response to the movie was completely unexpected and fans’ overwhelming response to the movie brings back the idea of another part. Even though the movie has enough reason to release another part, there is no announcement from the creators. 

The movie turned out as a blockbuster hit, grossing $500 Million worldwide. Not only this but the movie was marked as one of the highest zombie-grossing films of all time. And if this is not enough then what is it?

In this article, we’ll be going to learn why there is no World War Z 2, even though the movie was a pure success for the blockbuster office and have all the reason to release another part. 

World War Z 2: Will there be A Sequel?

It’s been 9 years since the fans are wondering about the future of the film. Even though it looks like a far task for the fans to think about the sequel, we should never stop hoping. There are still chances for the showrunner to work on the film and this was confirmed by Jeremy Kleiner’s statement where he said, the sequel could become a reality “Someday”

Perhaps the first part of the film has gone through terrible delays, met unexpected production delays, and a lot of other things. It is understandable why the movie has been taking so long. We hate to say but there is no official statement about the film’s possible future. 

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It is completely up to the creators, who have developed the first part, to be sincere and make another one, Fans have tried every way to ask for the development of the film. Social media is already a powerful way to share one’s thoughts and fans have started campaigns regarding World War Z 2. 

Jeremy’s statement gives enough hope to fans and brings the possibility of a sequel. We still need to wait to find out the confirmed news. Bookmark this page to find out everything. 

World War z 2 Release date: When is it going to Release?

At the time of writing, there’s no official release date mentioned for the movie’s sequel. In 2017, the movie sequel was confirmed to begin production but as time passed by, there was no update on the production. Many rumors came and went about the show’s possible future. 

Surprisingly, the creators were not at all bothered by all these things. Later, Brad Pitt the main lead of World War Z started his shooting for “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood ” which marked the greatest success of the year. 

Later, the movie got postponed because of the actor’s busy schedules. Follow-up by another delay which was because of Director David Fincher’s work on Mindhunter Season 2. No, doubt the series was worth investing the time and as the first season of Mindhunter brings incredible success, the director was eager to work on the second installment. 

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If that was not it, then the movie faces massive delay because China, one of the major sources for the audience of Zombie movies, banned the screaming of such horror films. Reportedly, this was one of the major shocks for the team since China was grossing a large amount as an audience. The ban on zombie movies gives another reason for the showrunners to stop production. 

Later, China, the country that banned zombie films, came with the horrific virus which stopped the production of all kinds of movies, making everyone suffer with it. I mean Ironic! The global pandemic was responsible for millions of loss of lives and even resulted in the shutdown of the world. This emerged as one of the many reasons for the delay of the film. 

To conclude all this, The movie gave all the reasons it not release in the past 9 years, quite satisfying the fans and making them believe that they will be coming back. However, there is no official word on the release date for the movie. If this went right and the production starts early, we might be able to see World War Z 2 in 2023 or 2024. 

Is there a chance that World War Z 2 will happen?

World war z 2 Release Date

There’s a huge possibility of World War Z 2 happening because the creators have revealed their interest in the sequel. Also, the success of the first part was a huge success and no one is going to unsee this. Zombie movies are one of the popular genres in the entertainment world and this might be a reason for the show to happen again.

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Above all these things, we can’t forget Brad Pitt’s statement which says, ‘We had an excellent story, which he shepherded, a really strong story. The stuff he had prepared just hadn’t been witnessed yet. I’m sure he’ll get it out on something else.”

All these things give an insight into the future possibility and reveal that there is still a chance for the movie to produce its sequel.

World War Z 2 Cast: Who will be in it?

World war z 2

Undoubtedly, the movie is not going to be a movie without Brad Pitt, reprising his role as the investigator of the United Nations and a zombie fighter Gerry Lane. He has already achieved mass popularity as these characters and their careers won’t be movie forward without him. 

In an interview, Mireille Enos confirmed that he will be coming back as Gerry’s wife, Karin Lane. There are no updates on the cast confirmation and we are still not clear how these things are going to affect the sequel, considering the movie is happening after 9 years of gap. 

There might be some additional characters since the movie is getting on the screen after such a  huge time. The retros will be looking for a good story, which includes new characters. 

Is there any official trailer to watch?

Neither the movie is confirmed nor is there any official trailer for the fans. If the creators released the official trailer for the sequel, we’ll make sure to let you know. Till the trailer comes up, we have the official trailer of the first part. 

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