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World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Now Offers A New Leveling Experience


David Mudd

Finally, World Of Warcraft Shadowlands offers a new leveling experience. This is done to regulate the current leveling experience in the game. Read ahead to know more.

About The Game World Of Warcraft

World Of Warcraft Shadowland is a multiplayer online role-playing game. Moreover, It is the eighth installment in the World Of Warcraft series. Blizzard Entertainment is the developer of the game.

World Of Warcraft

It is available on macOS and Microsoft Windows. The game will release later this year. World Of Warcraft Shadowlands can be preordered on Blizzcon.

What Is Leveling Experience

The leveling experience is a unit to measure a character’s advancement in the game. Furthermore, players require experience points to advance to the next level. It is determined by a formula.

Gaining levels are awarded when players defeat strong enemies. Moreover, they gain combat experience. As a result, players get to improve their skills. Players will get XP from killing mobs and completing quests.

World Of Warcraft

Exploring, gathering herbs, opening chests, mining will get you XP as well. Also completing instance runs with a random group will fetch you more XP. Questing, dungeons, and battlegrounds levels up your character. You get extra rewards on completion of the run.

New Leveling Experience World Of Warcraft

Levels 1-10 are revamped in the game. This happens before players explore any previous expansions while progressing from 10-50. Players can enter Shadowland when they reach level 50.

Level 60 had the old system. It resulted in players reaching level 130. Moreover, new leveling experience allows players to reach new levels smoothly. It is an enjoyable experience for the players.

Players can join Covenant at level 60. As a result, players get new powers from the group they join. You can explore the expansion afterlife theme at level 60. A new dungeon has been added to the game.

World Of Warcraft

It is known as the Torghast, Tower Of Demand. It is inspired by the roguelike genre. Torghast is a new random dungeon experience. Your level bar turns blue while resting. It shows how rested your character is.

Killing monsters will level you up. As a result, you will earn double XP rewards. Furthermore, other level experience will be announced as the game officially launches.