Word Party Season 5: Little Animals Are Back to Stream on Netflix!


David Mudd

Looking for the Word Party Season 5 which is a kids series in which 5 young animals come who wear diapers and sing a song or pronounce a new word and they are so cute when they try to speak or learn vocabulary.

These five little animals include Bailey, the Elephant, Kip, The Wallaby, Lulu the cute and main protagonist, Cheetah the Chief Franny and the Tortoise named Tilly. The show is produced by Jim Henson company and its first season came back in 2016 on Netflix.

Now all are waiting to know everything about season 5 starting from its release date, episodes, characters, plot, where to watch and many more about this American CGI animated children love series.

Word Party Series: About, Story

word party season 5

Patina Miller is the narrator of the Word Party in which animals learn to speak different vocabulary words and they do many different activities which take place in the term Party and these little characters are funny and even they wear diapers and maybe they are pre-schoolers who give answers as the audience.

These four small animal babies learn words from different things when they walk including animals, food, artifacts and other things. The fun fact about this kids show is that they teach small children and even go straight on the camera to ask viewers some questions which creates interest in the audience.

One of the motives is to create interaction between children to watch the show and learn words as it motivates them to understand new words and make their role models.

word party season 5

And this show helps them to learn vocabulary with lots of excitement and music and makes kids learn and understand different shapes, numbers.

Besides learning, the show also teaches everyone of little children at the beginning age lessons which are not taught particularly as the subject but learnt by themselves like positivity, solving problems, and friendship.

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Word Party Season 5: Release Date

This animated series already premiered last year on March 2, 2021 on Netflix. Along with Season 5 you can also watch the spin-off series titled Word Party Presents: Math!

These are the Episodes of New Word Party Season 5-

word party season 5

  1. Blast Off
  2. Dinosaurs on the Playground!
  3. The Lost Treasure
  4. A World Without Colors
  5. What About Lulu?
  6. Food Fight!
  7. The Loudest Sneeze
  8. Spread the Love
  9. The Courageous Colors!
  10. All in the Family

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Word Party Season 5 Trailer

Here is the Trailer for the Word Party Season 5 and you can enjoy all its seasons.

Will There be Word Party Season 6?

At the time of writing this article the new season of Word Party is yet to be announced for its renewal or its cancellation. So, until this time there is no news regarding the status of Word Party Season 6.

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Word Party is a good animated series for children which streams on Netflix in English language and received 5.9 out of 10 on IMDB with 26 user reviews written on it.

On other platforms like facebook it earned 5 out of 5 while 77% on Just Watch. For more kids friendly series you can search articles or animated series on along with other dramas and shows.

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