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Wonder Woman 1984 : The New Statue Reveals A Never Seen Before Look At The Gold Armour


David Mudd

Wonder Woman 1984 is an upcoming superhero movie about a DC comic hero of the same name. The last film based on the character was released in 2017.

Wonder Woman 1984: Plot

Wonder Woman is about the story of the all-female Amazonian race princess Diana a.k.a Wonder Woman. The movie will be set up during 1984 as the name suggests.

She will have to fight the villain Cheetah, who possesses superhuman strength and agility. At the end of Wonder Woman 2017, we found out that Diana is the daughter of the God Zeus, that means she could be immortal or something close to that.

Another main villain of the story will be Maxwell Lord, who’d give away anything a person wants but with a cost. One of the major surprises of Patty Jenkins directed Wonder Woman 1984 is that Steve Trevor who we assumed to be dead in previous Wonder Woman is alive! We still don’t know how he’s alive. We’ll have to wait for the summer to unveil the mystery.

Wonder Woman 1974: Release Date

The movie is scheduled to hit theatres on June 5 2020. Many DCEU film is on the way like Batman starring Robert Pattinson and Suicide Squad 2.

Wonder Woman 1984 will be coming after Margaret Robbie’s Birds Of Prey: The Emancipation of Harley Quinn, it’s a spin-off of Suicide Squad. We are excited to see Gal Gadot back in the big screen portraying the Amazonian Princess Diana.

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Wonder Woman 1984: Diana In A Gold Armour

Diana’s look in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie got unveiled. To celebrate Woman’s day, Queen Studies Collectibles revealed the Royal look of Princess Diana in a golden armour on March 8 2020.

Queen Studios shared the 3D images of the statue on their Facebook page. They unveiled a 1:2 version of Gal Gadot’sā€™s version of Princess Diana. In pictures, we see her in the golden battle attire.

The first DC 1:2 statue released by Queen Studios shows Jason Momoa’s Aquaman sporting the comics-inspired outfit he wears towards the end of his solo film.

Now they’ve released the second statue which is of Wonder Woman. The Golden Armour in the figure is a strong suit worn by Wonder Woman in DC comic books. The price of the statue is not revealed either a release date for the product.