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Wonder Woman 1984: The Characters You Need To Know In Details About Before The Release

DC film's 2017, Wonder woman is possibly a breakthrough in the DC Universe.

It is not often that DC comes up with brilliant movies. However, the 2017 science fiction, Wonder Woman, is a pleasant change.

And, now the movie is getting a sequel, and we have the character guide all with us.

Wonder Woman 1984

Table of Contents

Wonder Woman 2017

In the original, Wonder woman, we have the story of Princess Diana becoming our famous female superhero star, Wonder Woman.

Princess Diana is from the all-female race of Amazon.

She rescues the US aviator Steve.

Steve tells her about the war that is going to destroy humanity.

As the legends suggest, Princess Diana is sure it is the work of Ares.

After that, she takes her stance and enters the world of men to stop the impending doom.

Wonder Woman 1984

The sequel to Wonder Woman, 2017 movie is going to be out by 5th June 2020.

Patty Jenkins directs it.

In Wonder Woman 1984, we see Wonder Woman up against a new villain this time called Cheetah.

Another essential addition to this next instalment is Steve's resurrection.

Wonder Woman 1984 Character Guide

An essential thing before watching a movie is knowing the characters you are going to encounter.

Here's our character guide for Wonder Woman 1984

We have Gal Gadot return as Princess Diana who is our Wonder Woman.

Chris Pine plays the role of Steve Trevor. The American pilot who crashes at the Amazonian island. He is also the romantic interest of Princess Diana.

We see Kristen Wiig as Barbara Ann Minerva. Our villain this time, aka Cheetah. She is an archaeologist.

Initially, we see Cheetah being friends with Princess Diana. Later, she turns into a superhuman with cheetah-like abilities like agility.

We have Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord. Max is a media businessman and entrepreneur.

Robin Wright plays the role of Antiope.

Other than the original cast members we also have Natasha Rothwell, Ravi Patel, Gabriella Wilde, Kristoffer Polaha and Amr Waked.

The roles of these characters are still not disclosed to the audience.

However, from what we know, we expect a big fight sequence between Wonder Woman and Cheetah.

A female superhero versus a female villain is going to be a delight to watch.

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