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Wonder Woman 1984: Release Date Postponed To August, Everything You Need To Know


David Mudd

Wonder Woman 1984 is now officially delayed until August. The movie is pushing back for a later release date like many other productions. The inevitable delay also comes with the coronavirus pandemic and the health risks around it. Here are all the details about the postponement.

The Plot Of Wonder Woman 1984

The trailer shows us that there will be new problems and relationships forming in the movie. However, significant details are still a secret. It will show Diana moving to America during the cold war.

The Cast Of Wonder Woman 1984

There is also the character of Maxwell Lord which will appear in the film. The movie will show a new villain, Cheetah. Kirsten Wiig will play Cheetah while Pedro Pascal is going to be Maxwell Lord.

However, a surprise character that is also coming back is Steve Trevor. Director Patty Jenkins and the latest trailer also confirm that Chris Pine is coming back for his role as Trevor. The movie will feature many old characters like Hippolyta and Antiope.

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The Delay Of Wonder Woman 1984

However, Princess Diana is not the only one who is not coming to theatres sooner. Other productions that are hindering include Scoob and In The Heights. Warner Bros. is delaying almost all their other releases as well, much like everyone else.

Many theatres are closing down every day and releasing any movie right now will just result in huge losses. The delay comes due to the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdowns in place because of it. After Black Widow, this is the latest major superhero film that confirms its postponement.

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New Release Date In August

Productions like Black Widow and Mulan are postponing without any indication of a new release date. Many manufactures are now facing an indefinite delay. It seems like Warner Bros. can not wait for people to see the film because they have already set a new release date for the film. However, Wonder Woman 1984 is an exception.

Initially, Gal Gadot confirmed that the movie would release on May 5, 2020. However, now the film will release on August 14, 2020. The news is confirmed by Gal Gadot again. But this is also subject to change if the conditions by them do not improve.